Will You Laugh or Will You Cry?

I hope you’ll laugh.

I hope you’ll jump and shout with joy.

I hope you’ll sing.

I hope you’re dancing in the streets!

You could cry – and it could be you need to. But because I want the best for you, I wouldn’t want you to have to. But I can see your need – because I needed it too. So, cry for yourselves and your ancestors and your neighbors too – because there’s been a long period of persecution we’ve all been through.

You could get angry. I have been there too. But in the end, anger just eats away at you until there’s nothing left but bitterness and rage. And bitterness and rage lead to violence and aggression and those lead to death and destruction. So, decide for yourself if you want to get angry.

You could fall into despair. I have been there too. But despair is a deep pit that is hard to climb out of.

You could drink or do drugs to try to escape.  Name one person they’ve ever helped.

But me, I hope you’re laughing.

I hope you’re jumping and shouting with joy.

I hope you’re singing.

I hope you’re dancing in the streets!

You could seek revenge. But in the end, revenge always leads to revenge – so be aware of what’s behind you.

You could become more jaded – but wouldn’t happier be better?

You could become bitter, but bitterness eats away at you from the inside.

You could deny reality. Would it help to know your new reality will be Heaven on Earth?

Where I hope you’ll be laughing.

Where I hope you’ll be jumping and shouting with joy!

Where I hope you’ll be singing.

Where I hope you’ll be dancing in the streets!

You could feel cheated, and you would be right. But you’ll find there is such a thing as justice in the end, after all.

You could have questions – there are many who can answer.

You could feel lost – but the Host of Heaven are watching over you. There is not one who is unaccounted for. Not one who is not precious. Not one who doesn’t have friends and family in high spiritual places.

You could feel like a victim, but victim-hood is not something you have to accept. We were all victims in the past – but that is not our present.

You are traumatized. I spent the first eight years of an eleven-year path just learning the story of the family of Light. I didn’t learn about the depth of the darkness and deception until starting about three years ago, and it traumatized me. It was my dark night of the soul. It could be you may all have to go through your dark night of the soul, but I want the best for you, so I am hoping you won’t have to. But my dark night of the soul was learning the same things you all will be learning, and it was devastating to me. I was filled with rage. I sank to the depths of depression. I was horrified. To learn what they do to children was like a knife through my heart. I was filled with a feeling of helplessness when confronted with the overwhelming understanding of how deep and pervasive and insidious and evil it was. How entrenched and ingrained and in control and malevolent and utterly unfathomably dark. Healing from trauma takes time under current conditions, but higher frequency beings have technology to give us that can help us heal in many ways. Other civilizations heal with light, color and sound. Ask and ye shall receive.

I want you to get through all the stages just by skipping them and going to happy and singing and dancing in the streets. It really is a choice. You can choose to be happy. It really is as simple as that. I know, because I did it, and I am deliriously happy. I sing. I dance. I shout with joy!

You have no idea how much I love you and want to see you happy and dancing in the streets.

Written by Melinda Siebold. I welcome the free sharing of my messages as long as they are not altered in any way, and this notice is included. To read more of my work, go to 144000.world