Who Are Your Heroes?

Who Are Your Heroes?

Those who have controlled you have brought you false heroes and people to look up to.

They would have you lust for the lives of the rich and the greedy who have mansions and drive expensive cars and have money to waste. But what is there to admire about someone who would spend ten thousand dollars on a suit or dress, or thousands of dollars on a bottle of wine, when there are people starving and without medical care?

Does someone who is charming and handsome or beautiful who can memorize lines or follow cue cards and pretend they are someone else, deserve to earn in five minutes what one of their maids earns in a year?

Does someone who was blessed with athletic abilities and the drive to compete deserve adulation and hero worship? Is their name really worth that much when imprinted on a shoe with rubber ink? Is an impression of their face on a garment worth double the price? Is the cereal with their face on the box any less full of sugar and contaminants and non-existent nutrition? Do we want our sons to emulate their life-styles? Do we like how many of them treat women? Do we like how they trash talk their opponents? How they brag about themselves? Do your heroes have big egos or are they the little people who do kindnesses large and small on a daily basis?

Does someone who was blessed with natural beauty through no achievement of their own deserve to be envied and lusted after? Does physical beauty equal real beauty? What is beauty? Can a soul be beautiful? Is it really what is inside that counts? Did envy ever do anybody any good? Does it make you feel better? Did lust ever lead to internal peace and real satisfaction? Is a lifetime of lust equal to even one moment of pure, loving connection?

From childhood we are taught to honor and applaud for the smartest, most talented, the greatest achievers. The ones who get the highest grades and excel in sports.  But by whose standards are we judging? Where are the awards and recognition for the ones who lead in compassion and kindness and service to others? Where is the award for the child who shares their sandwich, so their schoolmate won’t go hungry? Where is the award for the child who gets off the swing so another can take a turn? Where is the award for the one who speaks up for the one being bullied?

Is a talent for singing worth more than a talent for healing? Should the head of a corporation make a thousand times what his or her employees make? Why is one person’s time worth pennies per hour and someone else’s thousands of dollars per hour?

Why would we think it’s okay to be called some royal person’s subject? Do we want to be subjected to someone? Do we really want to call someone your ‘highness’ – as if we were somehow lower than them? Is showing up for a photo op at a charity really doing charity? Should any one person have so much real or perceived power over a country?

Do you want to know who my heroes are?

My heroes are the so-called little people. The ones who get up day after day trying to make it through a world of darkness with the straws stacked against them. The fathers who stick around and are there physically, emotionally and financially for their families. The mothers who put their children first. The people who take food to their friends and neighbors when they are sick or have lost a loved one. The ones who rush into burning houses to save people and animals. The ones who lost their lives trying to rescue a person or animal from drowning. I truly admire those people. I admire anyone who stands up for truth and justice such as Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, the lady on YouTube’s You Are Free TV, Anna Maria Reizinger, Martin Luther King, Jesus, Pharaoh Akhnaton, Joan of Arc, the prophet Mani, and all the other messengers of Light and love – as there are too many to list.

If I’m going to hero worship, it will be of someone like the grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, or the foster parents who are in it for the right reasons, or the people who skimp and save all their lives and when they die, their relatives are shocked to find out they were millionaires and have left all their money to charity. Those kinds of people make my heart sing because they re-affirm to me the greatness of humanity.

So, if you are looking for the great ones, the true heroes, the ones to admire, the ones to emulate, recognize how you have been sold a bill of goods on what to value and how to value it. See that what has been presented to you as valuable and important and on trend and cool or whatever other adjective you want to use and see it for what it is; control and manipulation, psychological warfare, propaganda, mind control and the road to misery and feelings of low self-worth. Because in their world, you can never be smart enough, rich enough, pretty or handsome enough, skinny enough, have a big enough ass, or know enough of the right people.

So, if you want to look up to someone, I suggest the people running the local dog or cat shelters, or the person who mows the lawn of their elderly neighbor who is no longer able to.  Some of my heroes have been cashiers who talk to hundreds of people a day, but still have the energy to greet me with a friendly hello and the young people in the drive-thru windows who are kind and polite.

I could go on all day about my heroes – but you get the picture.

My question is;

Who are your heroes?

Written by Melinda Siebold. I welcome the free sharing of my messages as long as they are not altered in any way, and this notice is included. To read more of my work, go to 144000.world