What Is Wisdom?

When King Solomon spoke of it, he referred to it as she. He wrote poems and love songs to Wisdom.

When Adam and Eve ate an apple to receive it, they were banished and sent to lives of toil and trouble. They received wisdom and found that the serpent spoke the truth, because their eyes were opened, and they could see.

Who are the wise who have wisdom? What wisdom did they know?

How did the wise men know the significance of the birth of Jesus? How did they know he was a priest, a king and a prophet – as they brought gifts for a priest, a king and a prophet?

What does it mean to be wise as serpents?

If Moses knew all the wisdom of Egypt, was he employing it when he turned his staff into a serpent that ate the other magician’s serpent-staffs?

Why did Moses tell the Israelites to have faith and gaze upon a serpent on a pole in order to be healed?

Why is the serpent associated with medicine and healing?

Do you know that the ancient philosopher’s loved wisdom and they called her Sophia? That the very word ‘philosopher’ means ‘lover of Sophia’.

Sophia is Wisdom.

She is our Mother.

She is the one whom King Solomon wrote love songs for.

She is the one whom philosophers dedicated their lives to.

She is the one who paints through artists.

She is the one musicians are inspired by.

She is the voice of the poets.

She gives Life to Source’s thoughts.

She is magnetism to Father’s electricity. They are two – but yet one.

Together they are the body of Creation.

Source is pure unconditional love and consciousness.

Mother and Father are Source in action.

Everyone is a child of Mother-Father-Source.

Wisdom gives inspiration. Wisdom gives guidance. Wisdom whispers caution. Wisdom speaks softly. Wisdom is a gentle breeze. Wisdom is a sweet-smelling flower. Wisdom is intuition. Wisdom is love. Wisdom is purity. Wisdom is patience. Wisdom is kind.

Wisdom has been scorned and rejected and called a whore by those who don’t know her.

They have taken her Wisdom and defiled it.

Reversed every pure and original meaning.

They have turned her Temples into slaughterhouses and houses of prostitution. They have laid low her High Places. They have defiled her sanctuaries. They have destroyed her cities and replaced her Sacred Women with small men.

They have tried to deny the people their oracles and prophets and prophetesses. They lied and said they left.  But our Mother/Father’s messengers never left, they were just silenced. They try to discredit them. They tell you that you’re superstitious or lacking in intelligence if you believe in them. They call them frauds and hoaxes.

But they really do see things you cannot yet see. And they really do hear things you cannot yet hear. They really do perceive things you cannot yet perceive.

Let me give you a history lesson:

A long time ago, some angels said to their Mother and Father, “Can we please go play a game where we leave home and forget who we are?” Mother said, “O.k. but I want you to form a group that will be part of that Creation, yet separate from it, to make sure that if either side of the polarity integration/separation game goes too far off course, there will always be this group dedicated to getting them back on track – to help them remember who they are.”

That group is called the Masters of Wisdom. They are also known as Serpents of Wisdom. There are Masters of Wisdom serving far and wide all across the universe, galaxy and solar system. On the Earth, they have been philosophers, magicians, alchemists, artists, great writers, musicians, scientists, rulers, educators, the great founders of religions, oracles, mystics, saints, preachers, tarot readers, psychic knowers, para-psychologists, astrologers, sooth-sayers, diviners, psychic mediums, wiccans, white witches and prophets.

As far as names or titles on the Earth, they have been known by:

The Serpents of Wisdom – The Nagas of India – The Lung Dragons of China – The Amarus of Peru – The Quetzalcoatl’s and Kukulcans of Mesoamerica – The Serpent Clans and Tribes of North America – The Mesopotamian Anunnaki – The Djahy of Egypt – The Greek and Aegean Children of the Serpent Goddess – The Levites of Palestine – The Possessors of Fire – The Naasseni and Ophite Gnostics – The Druid Adders of Britain – The Arcadians of Greece – The Thoth Hermes Masters – The Therapeutae of Egypt – The Magi of Persia- The Followers of Horus.

Throughout time they would also be known as the Knights Templars, Freemasons, Rosicrucian’s, the Sufi’s of Islam, the Cathars, the Ebionites, the Elchasaites, the Valentinians and many others.

Their whole mission has been to keep alive the Wisdom Teachings. These are teachings from our Mother – and also from our Father, as they cannot be separated. Those teachings have become defiled, but they are being restored.

They maintain a treasury of knowledge about the workings of Creation. The secrets of Nature. The structure of reality. They are philosophers and scientists, mathematicians and alchemists.

Every Renaissance, every Golden Age, every magnificent building. Every great work of Art, every great musical composition – has been created by a Master of Wisdom.

Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo, Sir Frances Bacon, Plato, Socrates, Pharaoh Akhnaton, Yeshua – known as Jesus, John the Baptist, King Solomon, the three Wise Men, Moses, Abraham, George Washington, John Adams – they were all Masters of Wisdom, and they all wrote love songs to our Mother.

They knew she appeared in many throughout time, so they had no problem calling her different names. Among others, they might call her Isis, or Nin-Khursag, or Ma’at, or Diana, or Cybele, or Athena, or Freya, or Kali, or Mary or Quan-Yin.

They respected their women because they knew they were just slightly higher on the scale of spiritual connection than the male through their intuition. That is no sleight to men, as they have their dominant attributes and their logic is stronger than their intuition. It is the combination and balancing of the two that we are aiming for in our re-integration. The Serpents of Wisdom’s Sacred Woman was at the top of the command structure. She had the final authority over the ‘war chiefs’ and the ‘peace chiefs’.

They have long set their women on a pedestal. They were the troubadours of the Renaissance period who wrote and performed love songs ostensibly to women, but really to the Divine Feminine within all.

They were the writers of the Grail romances, the originators of the stories of the Knights of the Holy Grail and the sacred quests. The quest is to re-claim your god/goddess-hood, your inherent divinity.

The Masters of Wisdom have returned in full-force to bring about a Golden Age of peace and prosperity to planet Earth and all upon her – another Renaissance.

We welcome your help and participation.

Written by Melinda Siebold. I welcome the free sharing of my messages as long as they are not altered in any way, and this notice is included. To read more of my work, go to 144000.world