To Reverse Everything Bad They Have Ever Done

Know that they use divide and conquer tactics. Therefore, look for all ways that divide you. They have used religions, which were once pure, and tainted them and took what originated from the same source and pitted them against each other. They instigated and made people fight in wars for thousands of years in the name of different religious beliefs and names of different gods and allegiances to gods.

They divided you by language because they saw what you could accomplish with a great number of you working in cooperation. So, they separated people into language groups and then pitted language group against language group to keep them pre-occupied and in misery and starvation and death.

They divided you by tribe and class and social strata and classifications and titles and hierarchies and ranks and teams and clubs and secret societies and societies that are not secret.

They divided you by color and race and ethic category. They fomented tensions between the races and created false attacks and made false allegations to foment race wars and bigotry.

They divided you into haves and have nots and the fortunate and the unfortunate. They divided you into democrats and republicans and conservatives and liberals. They divided you into easterners and westerners and ‘others’ and ‘them’.

But you can’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven if you still think of ‘others’ and ‘them’.

Because all are ONE in the Kingdom of Heaven.

They conquered you through division.

So, to reverse everything bad they ever did in the name of division – unify.

The malevolent ones, at the time of this writing, still own the vast majority of the wealth especially in the west. They control the television broadcasting, film studios, radio stations, magazines, newspapers entertainment venues, restaurants, hotels, corporations…. the list is endless, but my point is, they control what we we’re taught, what we learn and experience through the above-mentioned forms of information and content that we are watching and reading and absorbing into our consciousness. They choose the celebrities and sports stars and news commentators and comedians and media personalities.  They control all news sources.

My advice if you want to reverse everything bad that has come as a result of this, is drop all current mainstream news sources. They have been lying to you and feeding you propaganda, even down to a very local level. Create your own news teams, revive independent journalism, which the dark ones intentionally suppressed. Create your own newspapers and magazines.

The harm they have done in Hollywood cannot be adequately measured. If you want to pull yourself out of the hell that the dark ones and you yourself have helped to create, seriously consider every movie or show or video you watch. Is it a healthy and uplifting message? Is someone being abused or mistreated in it? Is it sordid? Is it degrading? Do you want to live in a sordid and degraded world? You have been living in one. Have you been enjoying it? Would you like it to be better?

How about the music you listen to and the videos that accompany them? Are the lyrics of a positive nature? Do they spread a good message? Are they life and love affirming? How can you expect to feel positive and good and have love if you listen to messages that are the opposite? Do the videos degrade a woman’s sexuality by confusing it with carnality? Can’t the message be about more than oral sex and twerking and kicking ass?

Only you can decide what you will watch and what you will allow into your consciousness and the consciousness of your children. But I can guarantee that the vast majority of what surrounds you is the creation of the dark ones. You decide what you want to tear down and what you want to keep.

When one understands that the current system was set up to enslave and entrap you, it would seem it would be easy to give it up, but my experience is that most people are slow to make changes.

They stole from everyone and hoarded all the other people’s wealth. To reverse what they have done, redistribute the wealth among all.

To reverse what they have done, re-claim your religions and return them to their purity.

To reverse what they have done, cease all warring.

To reverse what they have done, love your neighbor as yourself.

They tore apart our family structures and left generations of emotionally scarred individuals in poverty and despair. To reverse what they have done, give proper respect to the nuclear family as well as the importance of an extended family and community of support for every child.  They have done unspeakable things to children for as long as they have been in existence. To reverse what they have done, never let another unspeakable thing happen to another child anywhere. Tell the Source of your being that you will not allow it in the world you live in. Creation must respond to your command, because you are a creator god, a true human angel and you create through words and thoughts and emotion. It won’t happen without the proper element of emotion. You might say it is the magical key carried by the Adamic human. The human that you are. So, create through love, it’s the only way forward for a human on the angel path.

They devalued the female and subjugated her to thousands of years of oppression and degradation and rape and abuse. They told you men to act the same way and you were happy to oblige. To reverse every evil done in the name of the subjugation of women, value all women as your equals in every respect. Pay them the same. Let them have an equal voice in the formation of your societies. Cease your violence against them. Do not think you could ever own a woman – whether your girlfriend, your wife or your daughter. Each one belongs only to their self and is a sovereign and free person.

Men and women should be making love to each other. Instead they have gotten us to fight and have bad relationship dynamics to cause friction and separation. They have so many men addicted to pornography that are unable to get erections with their real-life partners that it is of epidemic proportions.  Do you men really just want to have a relationship with your hands? Is that the best you can do? Does that give you a deep sense of satisfaction? Are you happy?

What is going to be done about indiscriminate sperm dropping and all the unsupported children that result? Where are the sperm droppers? Why aren’t they stepping up to the plate? Why do we as a society encourage and emulate sperm droppers? Why are women attracted to sperm droppers? When will sperm dropping stop and lovemaking start?

They used divide and conquer tactics between man and woman. To reverse every evil done by this division – stop the division.

They used rudeness and selfishness and self-righteousness and self-interest and deception and entrapment and lies and murder and rape and robbery and torture and vampirism and unspeakable things too terrible to behold. They used mind-control and subliminal messages and mesmerism and black magic and esoteric knowledge. They used technology against you. They had you entrapped without knowing it. They had you ready for slaughter. They have been trying to slaughter you for a very long time because they are very jealous of you.

They are jealous of you, because, as I’ve told you, as an Adamic human you are special. You are a higher order of Creation than they are. You are a creation from the highest of heavens. You have in your DNA a code that no other species previous to you has. The Adamic human is not that old, but probably much older than most biblical scholars will say. Probably thirty to fifty thousand years old. You are a greater creation than those enslaving you and it bothers them to no end. They have tried every which way to unlock the secret to human DNA and they don’t get it.

So, if you want to reverse every evil they ever did by all the methods mentioned above, abolish all of the above from your life and your world.

World’s where others try to control others cannot be Heaven. Therefore, it takes each person committing to reversing every evil by vowing to eliminate it within themselves. Eventually – if not more quickly, the Earth will be released from negativity. Negative souls will not be allowed to re-incarnate here and all human bodies have a relatively short life-span, especially as compared to other galactic and universal societies.  So, if we go the slow route, it shouldn’t take that many generations.

I say slow route because what I am hoping for is a quantum instant, a blink of an eye. A still point and moment of re-creation. Where the dark ones won’t linger but will be gone in an instant. I guess I just feel like they had their day and a new one has begun. I came to start the new one and I am eager to get started. I have said good-bye to the dark ones and sent them off with love and compassion. I know I wouldn’t want to continue on their journey and have to reap what they have sown. What they go to will be what they themselves created – and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

As for me, I’ll be busy reversing everything bad they have ever done.

Written by Melinda Siebold. I welcome the free sharing of my messages as long as they are not altered in any way, and this notice is included. To read more of my work, go to