To Heal From the Shock and Horror

I can empathize with you.

I am one of you. I am just a little farther ahead on the realization of the horror heartache road.

It’s not easy to learn you have been living on a prison planet with demonic beings who feed off your life-force and the blood and bodies of your children. 

It’s not easy to learn you have been manipulated and maneuvered in every possible way by dark beings who wish you misery and destruction.

It’s not easy to learn that those leaders you admired have secretly been poisoning you through vaccinations and chemtrails and harmful chemicals in the soil your food is grown in and the plants subjected to. Or through the toxins like fluoride they put in water or the x-rays they expose us to, or the industrial waste they dump in our soils and waterways and air, or the medicines they deliberately compound to make us sick and kill us.

It is hard to fathom and scary to contemplate that such an evil could possibly exist.

But the cold, hard, truth – is that it is the truth.

People do all types of things to avoid looking at the cold, hard, truth

They drink, they do drugs, they have promiscuous sex, they gamble and have every other conceivable addiction. They lie to themselves, they create fantasy worlds or get lost in the fantasy worlds others have created via video games, television, movies and books. They go from relationship to relationship. They avoid soul and inter-personal connections. They accept a jaded world view.

All to avoid the pain of looking at the cold, hard, truth.

And what is the cold, hard, truth?

It is different for each person, but we have a collective cold, hard, truth and that is what I’m addressing here.

I’m all for looking at the cold, hard, truth and the darkness and evil and sheer terror of it all once and for all. To go toe to toe and eyeball to eyeball with it and not look away. To look at it with the eyes of compassion and love. To recognize myself in it and know that I, just like everyone else, has been the darkest of the dark. As the wise Jesus once said, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” I believed that when I first heard it as a girl, and I believe it now. But I rejoice in the fact that I came to know my true self again, and what I know is that I am pure light and pure love and nothing else. And I know that to be true of everyone else as well – regardless of what might appear otherwise as the result of this ‘game’ of separation we all agreed to participate in.

The cold, hard, truth is that some angelic creator gods decided to play a game of hide and seek. They designed the game so that they would forget their true identities as individual aspects of God. They wanted to explore what it was like to be what they were not. Since God is only light and love, the opposites would be darkness and – as it turns out – fear. We think the opposite of love is hate, but it is really fear, because it was out of fear that all those destructive things like hate came about. So that is why fear is the opposite of love – because it was first. What caused the fear? The horrible feeling of being separate from God and everything that God is composed of – the ALL. We never recovered from that initial belief in separation. I say belief in separation because we really have never been separate, but just believed that we were.

So, it went downhill from there. What was supposed to be a gentle foray into a separated state of consciousness turned into a horrific, eons long, seemingly unending series of pain and misery. The original intent was that both sides – those who chose to represent the light and those who chose to represent the dark, would experience both polarities and integrate them into balance internally and then become ‘whole’ or unified again – at One with their god-self. What happened is that some of the dark refused to have anything to do with the Light and became so separated from it and the vital Life Force that is provided by the Light, that they resorted to becoming etheric and physical vampires to rob life force from people and animals, as it was the only way they could prolong their existence.

Normally, we are provided Life Force in a few ways. It comes from the God Source through a series of Central Suns starting in the universe, to the galactic suns, to the solar system suns and then to the suns located within each of our bodies – in our solar plexus chakra. It is in the form of photonic energy and can be absorbed by breathing and through the sun’s rays on our skin. It is attracted to and lives in water, so it can enter our bodies through drinking pure water and bathing in water. It is absorbed by plants and we get it by eating the plants, preferably in their rawest form. That is how God intended to provide life with Life Force.

But we are facing the darkness.

We have fought with the darkness for eons. There was always a tit for a tat and a payback and a getting revenge and seeking of justice and a lust to get even.

We found that there is never an end to that type of thinking unless you simply end it.

How do you end it?

As it turns out – by loving it.

So, rant and rage and be angry if it makes you feel better. I certainly did. I know many of the key offenders by name and I can assure you I really let them have a piece of my mind on what I thought of their behavior and how they have mistreated human-kind and many other species. So, really, I chewed them out on behalf of the human collective – so take comfort in that if you can. But mostly take comfort in the fact that they have been removed from power. This long and arduous battle is over, and the Light has won. How did they win it? They had to win it fair and square and, in many ways, and on many battle fronts. They had to do it honorably and with truth and with justice and with the assistance of innumerable angels and celestial beings and those you would call extra-terrestrials. They did it with love and compassion and empathy.

So how do you get over your anger and resentment and rage against the dark oppressors whose actions have been so malevolent and harmful?

All you have to do is take a long, hard, look at their actions. Find the courage to face it. Just make a mental note of it. Let it register in your consciousness and then turn your back on it. Determine to never let it show itself to you again. Determine that it won’t exist in the world you live in. Since you can only really control yourself and your inner world, which in turn creates your outer world, find the Light within yourself. Be the Light within yourself. Radiate the Light within yourself. Make your world both internally and externally one filled with Light. Light is radiant. Light dissipates the surrounding darkness. Light is illuminating. Darkness can never overcome the Light, but without the darkness, the Light could not shine or even be seen.

So, to heal from your hurt and your anger and your lust for revenge, remember this;

Without the darkness – the Light could not shine or be seen.

Forgive the darkness.

Forgive yourself.

Then let your light shine for all the world to see.

Written by Melinda Siebold. I welcome the free sharing of my messages as long as they are not altered in any way, and this notice is included. To read more of my work, go to