To Create Heaven on Earth

The family of light created Earth as a paradise and the dark ones corrupted it. They do that with everything. As they have limited creative abilities, they mainly try to corrupt the creations of the light. So, the family of light created a vision and a plan to restore Heaven on Earth and that plan had certain aims.

For instance, take the aim of a one world, open border community. Under the dark version, that simply means that there would be no national pride or identity that might unite someone under a common flag against their aims. Their aim was to have the whole earth under their control with a drastically reduced population. The light version would aim for unity consciousness among the Earth’s population and therefore would encourage no boundaries of separation between people and would encourage the free inter-mingling of the world’s population.

So that’s really where the two versions separate. One with maybe ten percent of the population left and those only allowed to live to serve as slaves and a food source. The other, whose aim was restoring the original plan for this creation; a Golden Age of peace and prosperity, a Garden of Eden.

The family of light will quickly bring out suppressed technologies that will better the human condition and the condition of the planet. We will continue to right the wrongs and restore order. There is justice, there is recompence for harmful actions, there is an end to evil. There is hope for a better day. There is a better way forward – and we are on that path.

We will take outer actions to restore the Earth and all upon her, but our most important task is to help you understand that before we can all build Heaven on Earth, you must build it within yourselves first.

Heaven on Earth is a state of transformed consciousness. If you are a Christian, you will remember that Jesus said that those who wanted to enter the Kingdom of Heaven would have to become like a child. Have you ever wondered what he meant by that? I thought about it for a long time, and now I know. I thought about what it meant to be a child. What it means to be child-like. Children are open books. They don’t come in with pre-conceived ideas about what things should be like. Children are like sponges. They can’t absorb enough information. Children are innocent. They haven’t formed stubborn opinions. They don’t view things one way or another before they experience it. Just because they haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean they don’t believe in it. They are willing to be open-minded and explore with curiosity.

I point this out to you, because I have experienced the process many of you are now going through, so I know from first-hand experience that you will have to let go of a lot of your long-held beliefs before you will be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The simple and painful truth is that even the words of the great ones like Jesus have been altered and the Bible isn’t all that infallible as it has come down to us. We could all lament these facts, but I’d rather rejoice in knowing that Jesus still communicates with many, and if you want to hear his real message, there is no need to rely solely on a corrupted book as he still lives and teaches. I also know that copies of the original Bible still exist, so that all who hold the Bible dear will be able to have a true one someday. The uncorrupted version of anything from the family of light are always much better than what the dark ones have corrupted. 

I’m no expert, but I would say one of the first, and possibly hardest things you have to do on the path to the Kingdom of Heaven is to have unconditional love for yourself. Most people have a high degree of loathing and low self-esteem. I remember thinking that unconditionally loving myself would be nearly impossible. What I found that helped was reading channeled messages from angels, archangels, ascended masters, lords, Mother/Father God, fairies, elementals and beings from other planets. Their messages are always hopeful and full of expressions of love. If it isn’t, do not believe it – a false spirit has gotten through the channel. I find the to be a good source.

Another important aspect to unconditionally loving yourself is to recognize and fully believe that you are God incarnate. You are a fractal of Source. You are God experiencing physicality. There are other aspects of your god-self that is experiencing other things at the same time. The scope and breadth of Creation is mind boggling, so when you are taught to believe that there is only heaven, hell and earth, it is a little of an adjustment to the learn the truth. So that is why it is important to remember that you need to be like a child. Be open to learning new things. There was a point, early in my spiritual quest where I literally knelt on the altar before God and said that I was willing to give up all of my beliefs. I laid them all on the altar. I left a lot of them there but was able to retain many of them. The good part is, I was able to learn the true teachings of Jesus and how they were really the same teachings of the other great masters such as Buddha and Maitreya, John the Baptist, Pharaoh Akhnaton and Krishna.

As a Christian who was taught that someone would only go to heaven if they believed exactly as I did, it was a wake-up call to learn that all religions have the same source in the old Wisdom or Mystery Schools that have existed on the Earth for tens of thousands of years and have existed elsewhere for far longer.  I will go into more detail on those in another post but suffice it to say that they all had just one goal – to facilitate the human soul back to its Oneness with the ALL.

So, believe me when I tell you that you are a fractal, a spark of God who decided to play a game of separated consciousness, who forgot that you are an aspect of God in physical expression. If that doesn’t impress you – I don’t know what might. So, you really have good reason to feel good about yourself. The dark ones wanted you to think you were a worthless sinner in need of saving. You proved them wrong by saving yourselves through compassion and empathy and love. If you hadn’t been able to pull it off, the dark ones would have gotten their longed-for Armageddon that ended with destruction. Instead, we get a Golden Age of peace and prosperity. Isn’t that worthy of celebration?

Celebrate and be happy, because in your happiness and joy lies the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Humans were designed to be creator gods who create through words, thoughts and emotions. They are the only race anywhere who is able to do that – and we are the envy of many who wish they could unlock the secrets in our DNA. Because the fact that they are creator gods has been kept from them, humans have not realized that what they were thinking and feeling was having such enormous consequences.

In addition to needing to have unconditional love for themselves, people need to have unconditional love for other people too. That is impossible to accomplish until one accomplishes loving themselves, because most people project their own self-loathing and self-perceived shortcomings onto other people. You can tell how bad people feel about themselves by how badly they treat others.

To love others unconditionally, one needs to remember Jesus’ lesson regarding throwing the first stone. He told the ones ready to kill the woman caught in adultery that whoever was without sin should throw the first stone. They all dropped their stones. So… just drop your stones. Take yourself out of the role of judge and jury of someone else’s words or actions. Simply accept the fact that everyone is different and is going to have different opinions and actions. Do not take sides. Find a middle ground that neither judges nor evaluates, but just accepts. Go beyond this even. Learn to delight in people’s differences. Find them amusing. See with the wonder of a child that people could be so divergent and with such different viewpoints and ways of doing things. Who wants a sterile world where we are all robots? Not me! I adore the whims and eccentricities of people. When I was a child, we used to park our car in a little tourist town where we lived and just watch people go by. I find people endlessly entertaining! If they all looked alike and acted the same, it would be boring. So, unconditionally love everyone.

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, cultivate the seeds of the Spirit within yourselves. They are faith, hope, joy, kindness, loving actions, compassion and peacefulness. Every good thing is of the Spirit. The fruits of the Spirit are the same in return to you, to bless you.

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, pull the weeds from your garden. The weeds are gossiping and greed and envy. They are anger and hatred and lies. They are manipulation and theft and hypocrisy and every other profane thing.

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven you must strive higher and towards the Light. You have to take a long hard look at darkness and decide if you are truly done with it – or have more to learn from it. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a land of shadows, so you must lose your shadow-self before you can enter. What is your shadow self? It is unremembered baggage from prior incarnations. The memory is gone but the trauma remains. It is remembered trauma from this lifetime. We don’t know how to let the pain go. We keep re-playing it over and over in our minds and re-traumatize ourselves and we don’t know how to stop. It is negative thoughts and actions you take and have taken in this and previous lives.  So, losing your shadow self can be a challenge, but we will soon have more help to assist people through the process.

The Kingdom of Heaven is found within. It is a peace that surpasses all understanding. The stillness in the storm. A contentment that cannot be swayed. It is a state of ecstasy and bliss. A state of joy and unfettered happiness. It is a state of no worries or fears. It is the belief in one’s own power to create anything their heart desires that is good and beautiful and for the benefit of all. It is the belief in one’s own greatness and a true love for one’s own divinity. What you need to come to love and accept is your own divinity. How can you become the greatness that you are, if you don’t know who you are? You are an Adamic human angel. A combination of Heaven and Earth. A new creation! The hope of the universe! You have within you DNA from all the races of the universe. Once all the humans on Earth can get along in peace and mutual love and respect, it will help to unify all the beings of the universe. In some ‘magical’ but probably more scientific method, it will literally mutate the DNA of other star races. I have learned that DNA exists on more than a biological level. There is an etheric level as well.

Our current humanity is the new race called homo universalis – the universal human. It is a DNA change that has been taking place over a period of about two hundred years or so. What is considered junk DNA is actually the rest of the total of twelve strands of DNA that humans actually have. The Anunnaki disconnected human DNA. Most only see it as a nefarious occurrence, but many angels and guides say that it is something we all agreed to as part of the experiment of ‘disconnection’.  Through energetic signals, human DNA has been upgrading and re-connecting throughout many generations. If I understand correctly, what we are going for now is to take it up to five strands of connection. The reason they can’t take it up all the way is because it would be too overwhelming to the human nervous system and would kill the human body. I just know the 5th dimension is our current goal, and believe it ties-in with five strand connectivity – but I may be wrong.

The reason the universal community takes such interest in what takes place on the Earth is because Adamic humans are the hope of the universe. There may be peace in the universe, but there is not unity.  The emotional bodies of humans have been carefully developed over thousands of years through pain and suffering to develop the empathy which will finally unify the entire universe. Because we all, or enough of us, became sick of fighting and chose peace. At least that’s what went out to the causal plane from the Earth, and at the time of this writing it hasn’t fully manifested on the Earth, but they are trying to bring it about by tying participation in the global money exchange system to a cessation of war.

Anyway, they really do want humans to increase and multiply. They want to use human bodies for different star races to incarnate into to have the human emotional experience. This is nothing different than what has been done for a long time anyway. There are millions or even billions of souls from different galactic races incarnated right now in human bodies. Everyone on Earth knows someone with an extra-terrestrial soul and everyone on Earth has extra-terrestrial DNA in their family lineage.  To be able to empathize with another is the beginning of unity consciousness. And if you are wanting to end cycles of separation and disconnection, you do what you can to bring it about. So, to give them the human emotional experience is a gift to the evolutionary story of our universe. Earth humans are, after all, related to all of them anyway!

Anyway, back to the immediate concern which is the creation of Heaven here on Earth, which at the time of this writing has not gotten into full swing even though we crossed the threshold. We are still mopping up, not ready to declare victory quite yet. But I speak now of the Kingdom of Heaven on a physical Earth with earthly concerns that need tending to.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you and without you. It is above you and below you. The Kingdom of Heaven is everywhere you look and everything you see. It is places you cannot currently see. It is sounds you cannot currently hear.

Your body is a temple in the Kingdom of Heaven.

You are the divinity on the throne.

You are the sovereign being.

Rise up human angel and claim your divinity!

Written by Melinda Siebold. I welcome the free sharing of my messages as long as they are not altered in any way, and this notice is included. To read more of my work, go to