The True Jesus and His Message

To know the true beliefs and message of Jesus of the Bible, you have to know the true Jesus of the Bible.

To begin with, his name is Yeshua. Jesus is the name the Romans gave him, and he would prefer to be called Yeshua. I spent every Sunday morning and evening and two or three other days a week for all of my youth and much of my adulthood learning about him and the story of the Israelites. As far as I knew, there was only one kind of Judaism at Yeshua’s time and it was the same one practiced today. I learned I was wrong. At the time of Jesus there were three main sects of Judaism; the Sadducees, the Pharisees and the Essenes. The Essenes mainly lived in the areas of the Sea of Galilee and Damascene Wilderness. Yeshua was an Essene and grew up there.

The temple in Jerusalem at the time of Yeshua was under the control of pretenders to the high priesthood of Israel. During the time of the Hasmonean dynasty, the lower priesthood overthrew the high priests. It was those high priests who moved to the Sea of Galilee and Damascene Wilderness. Yeshua came from a long line of priest-kings. They were the legitimate heirs to the high priesthood of Israel and the Davidic dynasty of the Jews. Orthodox Jews of today are still subjected to the lower priest-hood.

The Essenes not only did not practice animal sacrifice in their temple, they didn’t even eat animals. They were strict vegetarians. They abhorred the fact that the Pharisees and Sadducees had turned the butchering of animals into a money-making business and the temple into a place of blood and slaughter. The evidence of it was the anger it brought out in Yeshua when he overturned their money changers tables.

The Essenes did have Temples. Their main one was at Hierapolis on Elephantine Island in Egypt. The Essenes were descendants of the Therapeutae or Great White Brotherhood of the Egyptians. They had magnificent temples in Egypt, but in the wilderness, their Temple was Nature. The Essenes rose before dawn, bathed, then went outside and meditated as the sun arose. They repeated this practice, complete with bathing several times a day and always did the same at sunset. They communed with our heavenly Mothers angels during the day, and at night they communed with our heavenly Father’s angels. They knew that our Creator uses celestial hierarchies to bring order to Creation. They knew that each person was assigned their own angels and guides. They knew that if they meditated and could tune into the higher frequencies where the angels and guides resided, they could converse with them. Angels speak the Language of Light. That language comes to the human mind as symbols and pictures and sounds which are translated by the human into words and thoughts and sometimes even scents.  

They knew that God was both Mother and Father, the two in One. They knew that the Trinity was composed of Mother, who is also known as Prime Creator, Father and androgynous Child. They knew Mother, Father and the Logos, or Child to be pure unconditional Love. 

The Essenes were natural physicians. They grew all their own food. You could say they were the hippies of their day. They practiced peace, love and joy. They were pacifists.

The name Essene was given to them at the base of Mount Sinai by Moses after the Israelites left Egypt. Moses was an initiate and official in the priesthood of Egypt. Moses learned all the “Wisdom of the Egyptians” as stated in the Bible. Those words signify that Moses was an initiate of the Egyptian Wisdom or Mystery teachings, and it is those teachings that Yeshua also learned and taught.

The Wisdom teachings were taught in two levels, a beginning level where people learn by parables and stories that mask hidden meaning. They are moral teachings. The lower levels were called the exoteric or outer teachings. The higher levels were called the esoteric or inner teachings. When Yeshua said “For those with ears to hear or eyes to see” he was signifying that the ones who knew the esoteric teachings would understand what he was saying. So, to really understand what Yeshua believed and taught we will need to take a look at the Mystery teachings, and I will do that in a separate post. But for now, just know that Jesus teachings were a combination of the two – the first time that had been done.

The historical Yeshua was fully human and fully God, just as we all are. The historical Yeshua has experienced every human experience, just as we all have.

The historical Yeshua was married to Mary Magdalene and had children, just as we all have experienced marriage and parent-hood in either this or other lives.

The historical Yeshua did not die on the cross. Darkness did not defeat him – in fact it was just the opposite. Yeshua had learned the secrets of the yogi’s and was able to slow his heart and respiratory rate to such a level as to appear dead to the roman soldiers. Yeshua had learned the secrets of self-healing and so restored his body back to health with the assistance of others using herbs and natural medicines. Yeshua’s resurrection was his restoration of his own body. Yeshua’s ascension was his rise from a third dimensional human to a fifth dimensional human while still alive in a body. The reason he disappeared from the sight of the disciples was because just as most humans can’t see a being that dwells in the fourth dimension, the disciples couldn’t see Yeshua as he ascended into a higher dimension. That doesn’t mean that Yeshua left, it just means the others couldn’t see him. Remember, heaven is a state of consciousness – not a place. One gets to that other dimension or state of consciousness by raising their own vibratory rate through positive methods. Since we are electro-magnetic beings, a higher vibratory rate causes us to become invisible to beings in the lower dimensions.

When Yeshua re-claimed his inherent divinity, he conquered the lower rulers. They became subject to him. He selected a few of the rulers at that time who repented of their evil and made them in charge of this creation for another two thousand years, or until the Age of Pisces had ended.  The purpose of this was to have an age of evangelism. A time period to spread the good news of the gospel of Christ.

I can assure you that the good news was not that you are a miserable sinner in need of saving and that a blood sacrifice could save you – which makes his death on the cross unnecessary.

No, Yeshua came as a living example of true Adamic Human greatness.

He was the forerunner, the example of all you can and will be.

So, the choice is yours to make.

Are you a miserable sinner in need of saving? Or are you a god or goddess ready to create Heaven on Earth?

Written by Melinda Siebold. I welcome the free sharing of my messages as long as they are not altered in any way, and this notice is included. To read more of my work go to