The Mystery of the 369

A few days ago, I wrote an article addressed to the Controllers that was full of the numbers three, six and nine. It used quite mysterious language, language which is considered esoteric (secret/inner) and occult (hidden).

I have never belonged to a secret society that uses such language – at least in this lifetime. These secret societies have been on earth for tens of thousands of years and elsewhere for far longer. I have been learning about the teachings of those societies for more than eleven years. In fact, much of it I learned without realizing it, from a mainline protestant church – the Bible is based on esoteric teachings.  

These were the teachings of all the great ancient Mystery Schools, Philosophers and all major religions. They had one main mission throughout the ages; to keep alive the fact that humans were literally made in the image of God. And because of that, were capable of doing all things that God can do – because of their sacred human anatomy. This is a spiritual and sacred anatomy that no other race in the universe has – it is that special. Of course the fallen ones who have seen fit to enslave the human race, have not wanted humans to know how special they are – but I do.

So I am about to reveal to you the Mystery of the 3, the 6, and the 9.

I am pretty sure it’s the greatest Mystery of all – so I hope you feel blessed to learn it!

In my letter to the Controllers, I used a pyramid symbolism. So let’s start with the Great Pyramid of Giza.

At the top you have the missing Capstone. In esoteric terms, this would be your crown, your pinnacle, your connection to where God comes into your human body.

Going down further into the pyramid, you get to the King’s Chamber. In human sacred anatomy terms, that have to do with the portion of your brain, it’s your Pineal Gland. This is also called your third eye – your all-seeing eye. It is literally the Ark of the Covenant within the sacred chamber. The Hebrew High Priests went into the Holy of Holies in the Temple to commune with God. In this chamber was the Ark of the Covenant. This was a literal happening by Old Testament and other priests, as an outward sign of the same thing that happens within your brain. The Pineal gland has a crystal in it that is literally your antenna to God. That is why the fallen ones put fluoride into toothpaste and water – to cause calcium buildup on that particular crystal in your body. It also causes the calcium buildup within your arteries as well, which makes the fallen ones delighted because then you can pay them for cholesterol medicine and hospital and doctor visits….but I digress. The pineal is the area where those great visions the Old Testament prophets wrote about came from – where St. John the Divine received his Revelations from. This is the area of spiritual sight – known as clairvoyance.

Moving down into the pyramid/brain further, you get to the Queen’s Chamber. This corresponds to the Pituitary gland. In Old Testament ritual, this would be the altar where the High Priests presided. This is the area of spiritual hearing, known as clairaudience.  God would speak through the High Priests to the people from this area. The people would listen to the words of God spoken through the High Priest.

John the Baptist’s father Zechariah was the High Priest. The angel Gabriel appeared to him and told him his wife Elizabeth would conceive a son and they were to name him John.  John doubted the angel because his wife was barren and too old to conceive. Because of his disbelief, as soon as he stepped away from the altar and entered the outer court, he became unable to speak. This was because he had descended a little lower in the brain/pyramid to the subterranean level. A ‘mundane’ level.  I am unable to add pictures or diagrams to this post. So please look up a diagram of the Great Pyramid of Giza for an example of where the King’s Chamber, Queen’s Chamber and subterranean chamber sits. In the ‘point up’ pyramid, the King’s chamber is above the Queen’s chamber which is above the subterranean chamber.

He had lost his voice because he had doubted that God could produce a miracle in his and Elizabeth’s life. Thus he temporarily lost his spiritual voice, as well as his physical voice. The custom among those people was that the son would be named after his father. However, when Elizabeth and Zechariah’s son was born, Elizabeth insisted that his name be John. The people went to Zechariah to see if he would agree to it. Zechariah wrote down that his sons name was John. As soon as he did that, he was able to speak again.  Because he was signifying that his son’s birth was miraculous, and that the angel had spoken for God, his spiritual voice was restored as well, and he could once again preside in the Temple at the altar as a voice for God.

So these three parts, the King’s Chamber/Holy of Holies/Eyes, Queen’s Chamber/Altar/Ears and Subterranean Chamber/Outer Court/Mouth make up the upper third of the pyramid. This is the 9 area.

These all correspond to the human head or knowledge area – but have great spiritual meaning as well.

Now let’s literally turn the Giza pyramid upside down on top of itself and descend into the 6 area.  If you need a visual, it is a Star of David shape.

At the very center of those overlapping triangles is a six-sided configuration. This corresponds to the heart area of the sacred human anatomy. This is a very important area – this is the area of love.

The human heart holds the soul, which is your spiritual component – so it is also a Temple. Just as the temple area within the skull is a Temple.

The soul holds your own individual spark of God Consciousness. It is a fire within you that can never be extinguished. It is the eternal flame. It is the Alpha and the Omega, it has no beginning and it has no end. Researchers can tell you that it is now known that the heart has a memory consciousness within it. That is the reason that, for instance, a person who has a heart transplant all of a sudden starts speaking with an accent, or develops all new tastes in clothing or develops new interests, etc.

Your physical heart could be said to have a masculine quality. It is the King’s Chamber within the Heart area.

Humans have another heart, or at least can activate another one – it’s etheric in nature. It is a Sacred or spiritual heart. It is the Queen’s Chamber. It sits higher rather than lower than the King’s Chamber, because the pyramid is reversed. It is represented in sacred iconography by a bouquet of magenta colored roses. When it comes online, you will feel it at the area of the top of your back/lower neck area.  You must acquire enough love in your physical heart before you can ascend to/activate your spiritual heart. When you acquire the requisite component of unconditional love, the Sacred Heart literally blooms.

Now, continuing on reversing the order of the first, capstone up pyramid, we next arrive at what is called the subterranean chamber or underground vault in the ‘sand’ area beneath the pyramid. I call this the “Ring Pass Not” area. I also call it the “Cherubim guarding the Tree of Life” area. This is also the part in the Hebrew Temple where the veil is placed before the Holy of Holies. You must activate your Sacred Heart before you can ascend into the Temple area of the sacred human mind because this is the Garden of Eden. It is the Holy of Holies. Of course you can’t get out of the temporal human mind even if you want to, unless you meditate – but that is another lesson. But to enter the Sacred Mind, the Cherubim must let you in.

Let’s go now to the 3 or lower part of this now double pyramid – this Star of David.

This takes us to the lower part of the human anatomy and in the Star of David pyramids figure, its lowest point.

This is the area where most everyone is stuck. Which is why they are unhappy, addicted, unfulfilled.

To discuss this area, let’s go back to a pyramid figure again, but this time picture yourself sitting in a yogi’s lotus position directly on the sand at the beach. Imagine a bright light, crystal pyramid surrounding you. You see seven colorful lights spinning within the center-line of your body starting at the base of your spine going to the top of your head.

Your sacred anatomy has an additional component. It is composed of seven basic chakras. These are life centers, swirling vortices of energy within you. In the science of Sacred Anatomy, one is taught that there is an energy center at the base of the spine that produces a cerebrospinal fluid that is called by many people, Kundalini. Kundalini runs up the spinal column into the brain. As it is raised, it activates the chakra that is next above it. It doesn’t just run up the spinal column on its own. A person has to be intentional about raising it. It takes work, study, practice, knowledge, perseverance. Okay, there are rare exceptions to this – a few have had spontaneous occurrences.

I found a good explanation of the functions of the seven basic chakras to share with you. These go in order from the lowest in the body/pyramid to the highest.

Root I AM Base of the spine
Sacral I Feel Stomach or womb area
Solar I Do Just above the navel
Heart I Love Heart area
Throat I Speak Throat area
3rd Eye I See Behind the eyes-mid brain
Crown I Know In the upper brain

We are in our 3 area, our lower third of the pyramid now, so these chakras have to do with the I AM, the I Feel, and the I Do. These are the ones most can’t get out of. The reasons they can’t ascend higher.

Root – I AM – It provides the foundation on which we build our life – representing safety, security, and stability. Unless you can feel secure in your life, even thru that “peace that passes all understanding” way – you’ll be stuck here.

Sacral – I Feel – Literally within the sacrum of the body. This is the womb area. It has to do with both sexuality and the inner child. Do you have issues with sexuality? With sexual promiscuity, sexual addiction, addiction to pornography, aversions to sex, fetishes, sexual deviancy? Have you been sexually traumatized? Are you still traumatized by your childhood or maladjusted because of it? In this area, past life traumas are held. You could need help to remember and recover from past life trauma to balance this chakra. This chakra needs emotional balance.

Solar – Located below the chest and above the navel, it represents self-esteem, will-power and personal responsibility – our outer actions.

Now, these three represent the bottom third of the human body pyramid. Therefore, together they must be a ‘stable base’ for everything above it. They must be balanced. You must build a good foundation before you can build higher. They seem to come in a group, too. Meaning, one can have issues in one or all of these areas at the same time which need working on.

The best way to get past the first three chakras is to go directly to the fourth – the heart and soul area. You can ‘reach into’ this area while still stuck in the lower three chakras because it is the home of your Father and Mother God, and they are always reaching out to you, wherever you are with unconditional love.

I absolutely love the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton. People don’t understand the meaning behind his depiction of the sun, which  depicted the loving arms and hands of Source/God/Creator coming through the sun and giving love and blessings through that invisible Force coming through the sun. God exists everywhere, including your hearts.

So open up your hearts to your Father and Mother God. They hear you. They are waiting for you to call them. They will see that you are healed in all aspects of your being.

They will tell you they love you. They will say you are perfect just the way you are. They will give you the assurance that you are always protected and cared for.  They will provide for you. This will heal your first chakra. They are that stable foundation.

Then they will help you with your second chakra. They will tend to your emotional wounds in a variety of ways – such as thru spoken or written words.  Or through poetic expressions, or sacred scripture or heart-felt song. They may steer you to someone who can help.

The third chakra. It seems to me that one is basically on their own here. This is where free will comes into play. One can choose to reach out to Mother and Father to help guide them in their actions, or one can ‘go their own way’.  One can “treat others as they would want to be treated” or one can do whatever they want – no matter how harmful or selfish. We’ve been living in a world led by the latter.

To open up the Sacred Heart, one has to take that love that they now know and feel and share it with others.

So the whole idea is to get this Kundalini fluid running all the way up the spine activating the chakras until you get to the Capstone, your crowning glory of communication with God.

And with that communication with God comes Gnosis, or knowledge. You will literally ask yourself a question in your head and you will immediately get an answer. I had that happen several times today while I was thinking of preparing this message and trying to sort things out. It literally made me laugh out loud when it happened! How wonderful to know that you can do something as simple as ask a question and have it answered immediately! This is Gnosis. This is what the Gnostics, those who ran the Mystery Schools, have been teaching. I first heard the word Gnosis eleven years ago. It has taken me this long to actually experience it, to know it firsthand. Now I really know and have experienced what I have been talking about!

So the Mystery of the 369 is you in your very special human angel body, a combination of Heaven and Earth. Made in the image of God. It was angels, the Elohim, who helped create human bodies, but God  gave them their souls – their individual god-spark of Consciousness.

The genius scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, who, when you know of his work, makes Thomas Edison look like a candle peddler, made some very astute statements. They are:

“If only you knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

He said that because he knew that humans were indeed, made in the image of God and within their sacred human anatomy could gain full connection with God while in a physical body. That’s how you have a key to the universe, which is composed of the ALL which is God.

Nikola Tesla also said; “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Now, I am not a scientist so I won’t try to go into the details here, let me just say that the numbers 3, 6 and 9 are at the core of these three things. I call them the building blocks of creation.

I found a good article that explains it at:

This is that article:


“In vortex math if you polarize everything the numbers 1,2,4,5,7,8 are numbers that represent the physical world. The numbers 3,6,9 are numbers that represent the spiritual world, which govern the physical world from the quantum level. In vortex math number 9 is the most recurring number when adding up the sides or the circumference of a circle, and other shapes. Here are some examples: The circumference of a circle is 360 degrees, which is 3+6+0=9. The diameter of a circle is 180 degrees, which is 1+8+0=9. The radius of a circle is 90 degrees, which is 9+0=9. Looking at the vortex graph above, if you add the numbers across from side to side you get 8+1=9, 9 in the center, 7+2=9, 3+6=9, and 5+4=9. All the numbers add up to 9. If you add up all the angles of a triangle you get 90+90+90=270, which is 2+7+0=9. The angles of a square are 90+90+90+90=360, which is 3+6+0=9. In a 3D square you have 8 angles which add up to 90×8=720, which is 7+2+0=9. In a pyramid you have 5 angles, which add up to 90×5=450, which is 4+5+0=9, so on, and so forth. Each shape also corresponds to notes on the harmonic scale tuned to 432 Hz (4+3+2=9) all add up to numbers 3,6,9. The harmonic notes are 9 is the most reoccurring number in numerology of shapes, and vortexes. Even the 144 face tetrahedron adds up to 1+4+4=9.

It is through this discovery that Nikola Tesla discovered that the universe is made out of energy, vibration, and frequency. Through the Tesla Code thought, feelings, and beliefs with the combination of the unified field theory make up vibrational frequencies that begin to reshape the universe around you from the quantum level all the way up the physical world that we can see with the naked eye. Thought, feelings, and beliefs are spiritual non-physical things that effect the physical universe around us because we are energetically, and vibrationally one with it. The Tesla Code is the missing link to the law of attraction taught in the movie “The Secret”. This discovery also brought Nikola Tesla to the discovery of FREE WIRELESS ENERGY TECHNOLOGY!”

The author of that article is absolutely correct. I would like to point out that the author points out that “thought, feelings and beliefs with the combination of the unified field theory make up vibrational frequencies that begin to reshape the universe around you.”

So there you have it. The absolute truth is that every human is a creator god or goddess who is creating the world around them through their thoughts, feelings and beliefs. People have been shaping their world for good or ill without even knowing it. This unknowing has been by the design of the ‘dark ones’ who do not want humans to know just how great they are. But I am a messenger from the Light and I want each of you to know just how special a creation you are.

You are, after all, made in the image of God.

In my message to the controllers which can be found on this website, the Creator told the Controllers that they were 6’s without the 3 and the 9.

I must admit I didn’t really know what that meant.

So I looked into it. I found that the triangle is composed with the 3 and 6 on either side of the base and the 9 at the top.

The area in the center represents where God resides. God is the central point of everything in Creation – including the ‘dark ones’ – the controllers. This is the 6 area that I have spoken of – the heart area. God is at the heart of everything.

So what the Creator was telling the Controllers was that their heart chambers, the King’s and King’s chambers were empty, they had rejected their Father and Mother. They were on an unstable foundation (with the cornerstone missing – the 3) and detached from their crown – their connection with God.

This brings us to Bible verses that discuss the missing cornerstone:

The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner. Psalms 118:22  

Therefore thus said the Lord God, behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste. Isaiah 28:16 

Jesus said unto them, did ye never read in the scriptures, the stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner. This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes. Matthew 21:42  

And have ye not read this scripture; the stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner. Mark 12:10  

And he beheld them, and said, what is this then that is written, the stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner? Luke 20:17  

This is the stone which was set at naught of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. Acts 4:11 

For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:11 

And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone. Ephesians 2:20

Wherefore also it is contained in the scripture, Behold, I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, elect, precious, and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded. 1 Peter 2:6

This is the most often repeated saying in the Bible. That tells you how important it is.

Now, I was raised as, and still consider myself to be, a devout Christian. However, I do not believe that only one man named Yeshua/Jesus was the only carrier of the Christ Consciousness. God sent others as well. Some of their names were Buddha, Krishna, Maitreya, Muhammed and Akhenaten.

What the builders rejected was Christ Consciousness which is pure, unconditional love – which is God in essence. God is pure light and pure love consciousness.

So the ‘builders’ i.e. Controllers, rejected love and light. That is why they are the 6 as illustrated in a red, black and white version of a Yin/Yang symbol. In that symbol, the black is one half of the circle, with just a small dot of white in it.

In that symbol the three has a spot of darkness and the six has a spot of light. This symbol represents our current reality. That we live in a creation that consists of duality. The way out of duality is to find the middle path, the 9, which represents complete union with God.

The middle path is a neutral ground. It does not judge. It does not differentiate. It does not take sides. It does not place blame. It loves unconditionally.

So, to reach your crowning glory of union with God – make your foundation balanced, love ALL, and walk the middle path.

Thus is revealed the Mystery of the 3, the 6 and the 9.

You are the Mystery of the 3, the 6 and the 9.

You are the Great I AM.

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