So, You Want Revenge

You have lots of good reasons.

I’m not a fan of revenge in the conventional sense, as there is never an end to it. However, I do have some constructive ways for you to ‘even the score’.

As it turns out, those conspiracy theorists were right. There really have been wolves hiding in sheep’s clothing. They have been masquerading as ‘service oriented’ royals. Some as seemingly pious religious figures. Others call themselves philanthropists. They have been known as world leaders, movers and shakers – the world elite.

The truth is they are fallen angels – demonic beings and they have controlled humans through lies and manipulation.

The Earth has been a prison planet for thousands of years. Those who would rescue humanity have been prevented from doing so because the Earth and her people would have been destroyed had the Forces of Light not proceeded with extreme caution.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus said; “The truth shall make you free”.

That’s why I want you to know the truth – so that you can be free.

So, let’s understand how they have shaped the world we live in, so that we can free ourselves from their dominion.

Because the fallen angels have so removed themselves from the Source/God of their being, they have had to resort to vampirism to survive. They do this in a variety of ways. In the etheric or spiritual realm, they go about as demonic entities who literally suck the life force out of humans and animals. To get an idea of how they do this, I suggest you watch the television show on the Travel Channel called The Dead Files. The star of the show, Amy Allen, is probably the most advanced medium you could possibly find.

Demonic entities can take form by incarnating, i.e. being born into bodies, or by temporarily inhabiting them via possession.

When they are in a physical body, to get the life force from humans and animals, they consume raw blood and flesh. They are cannibals and literal vampires.

Because the world we inhabit is a free will zone, when one watches a vampire movie or ‘buys into’ that culture, they are ignorantly consenting to this type of behavior. That is why they try to glamorize vampirism through movies and television shows. When one takes communion in church and eats the symbolic flesh and drinks the symbolic blood – they are unknowingly giving their consent to this kind of behavior.

Because there is Life Force (from God) in blood – and water – and blood is mostly composed of water, they do all they can to encourage bloodshed. The physical demonic entities profit financially from wars. Etheric demonic entities are all over battlefields bathing in the energy released by the blood flowing from humans. They feed off of it. They do the same thing in animal slaughterhouses.

It’s not enough for them to just get the energy off of blood. They get energy off of human and animal suffering. In their sacrifices during their Satanic and Luciferian rituals, they make the animals and humans suffer as much as possible before their death. They do this because the bodies release adeno-chrome – a stress hormone, when subjected to torture. The dark ones delight in this. It makes them high. It’s like a drug to them.

So…. if you want to get back at them, never again have anything to do with vampiric practices. Do not watch movies about them or read their books. Do not fight in their wars or support them with your money. Do not shed another’s life blood for any reason. Reduce or eliminate your meat consumption, because it is the path of horrific suffering for animals.

Since their very lives depend on human and animal misery, they do all they can to make humans and animals suffer.

The following are some examples of how they do this:

They genetically modify foods to remove their nutritional qualities. They do this to make you sick and tired and unmotivated.

They add harmful chemicals and preservatives to foods so that these ingredients will slowly poison you and make you sick. They do this to animal foods too. There was an expose’ done by an ABC affiliate about the company that makes Ol Roy and Skippy and Kibbles and Bits other pet foods that found a euthanasia drug in their pet food. They said there were not lethal levels in the food, but what happens when that food is fed to a pet day after day? It killed the pet of the person who had the food tested and who contacted the ABC affiliate. What was a euthanasia drug doing in a pet food factory anyway? Of course, the story was buried and never made the headlines.

They use Round Up – aka glyphosate, as a drying ingredient on grains. So, besides all the pesticides they use on the fields before and during growing, they give a last dose of a weed killer to our foods to ‘dry’ them. So, know that when you are eating breakfast cereal, bread, pasta etc., you are ingesting a large dose of chemicals! Some very intelligent people believe this is the real reason for all the gluten intolerance problems people have these days.

They add fluoride to water and toothpaste. Their reasons for doing this are two-fold. First of all, fluoride is highly toxic and poisonous. The other reason is because the pineal gland, which is in the middle of your brain, has a tiny crystal in it. Fluoride causes a plaque build-up on this crystal. They do this because the pineal is your antenna to the spiritual world. They don’t want you to be connected to the spiritual world. Another effect of fluoride is a build-up of plaque in your arteries and other places in your body. Since they make money off of pharmaceuticals, hospitals, medical supplies, insurance, etc., this just makes good business sense to them.

So, if you really want to seek your revenge – quit ingesting their genetically modified foods and their products with fluoride and chemical preservatives.

And while we’re on the subject, please know that all those sugar substitutes contain ingredients that slow your thyroid down – which decreases your metabolism. They think it’s funny to poison you and make you think you are doing something to lose weight when all you are really doing is ingesting poison which is not helping you to lose weight at all. If you want sugar, use the sugars that Mother Earth gives us – in moderation.

Another way they torture us is through invisible radio signals and microwaves. Not only are there etheric demonic entities whispering dark thoughts into people’s heads, the physical ones use radio waves to put negative thoughts into people’s minds. They tell you that you are worthless, that you would be better off dead, that you should drink some alcohol to try to feel better, etc. They send waves into people’s digestive systems. That is the real reason for all the irritable bowel syndromes and acid indigestion problems people have been subjected to. Do you have any idea how much money they make off of products used to try to combat these problems?

There has been no way for people to know that this was going on. I don’t think it will be necessary in the future for people to worry about these things – at least not the micro and radio waves because the Forces of Light will see that they are stopped soon.

I am unsure if there will still be some etheric negative entities around in the near future – at what Light workers call ‘The Event’ – but if there are, there are things you can do to protect yourselves from them. Just know that when you do things that are negative – when you lie, steal, say mean things, rape, kill, etc. you are giving negative entities permission to come into your lives. If you think about negative things – you are giving negative entities entry into your lives. If you want your lives to be filled with Light and good things – dwell in Light and love. Negative entities cannot stand the Light. So that’s the way you get rid of negative entities that wish to do you harm – you do not give them entry into your lives. Because we live in a free will world, you can also just tell them no and to go away and leave you alone – and they must obey you.

They have gained control over media and entertainment and used it against us. We have been brain-washed without our awareness. If you want to get out of their control, then examine every aspect of the world around you. With every television show you tune into, or movie you watch, or music you listen to, or music video you watch, ask yourself, “Is someone with a negative agenda showing me these messages?” “Is this life affirming?” If a book or a movie or a song has violence or is not life affirming, just turn it off. Surely, they would quit producing such negative things if no one watched them or listened to them.

They glorify criminals. You will soon learn that the Vatican is pretty much at the top of the criminality of the Earth. You know who the Godfather of the Mafia is scared of? The Pope. That’s his boss. So, all those shows like The Godfather, the Sopranos, the list is too huge to go on, but you get the picture. If it is glorifying violence, theft, corruption, murder, rape and torture you can be sure it was put out to encourage those evils in our society. If you want to rid our society of those evils – get rid of those forms of ‘entertainment’. All those video games with blood and guts and shooting and killing? Why are we showing those to our children? What are we trying to teach them? How can we expect gun violence in schools to end when we subject our children to those things?

They have overtaken most of the world’s governments and finances. By the time most of you read this, their control over the world’s governments and finances will have come to an end. You will have learned that your so-called democracy has been a sham. Our political system is rigged. Our voting machines are rigged. Our only two choices have been evil and the lesser (or greater) evil.  It wasn’t always that way. It wasn’t intended to be that way. But the truth is that the American democratic Republic only lasted for about fifty to seventy-five years. The British royals never really let us go. George Washington and the rest of the Founding Fathers were true heroes. Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and John Adams all died on July 4th. This was no coincidence! They were all murdered on that day on orders of the British crown and Vatican as payback for their Declaration of Independence. To honor them, make sure that America is truly free in the future and our elections are held by hand ballot, hand counted, and there is absolutely no money involved in our political system. Americans will learn that they have used our very lives and our livelihoods to advance their agenda across the world. They tricked us into thinking that we were spreading democracy around the world, when really, they were just using our military and tax dollars to take over other countries assets and to achieve world domination. We can’t get back those squandered lives and tax dollars – but we can make sure we are never put in that position again.

They use divide and conquer tactics. They pit onerace against another. One country against another.  One gender against another. They try to make us think that one religion is right, and all others are wrong. They have given us a man’s world because they wanted to keep the women’s gentleness degraded while they promoted male antagonism and warfare. They like to flaunt their wealth while making sure the majority suffer and have very little. They pretend to give us choices such as Democrats against Republicans. They use their propaganda news organizations to pit right against left, liberals against conservatives and on and on. It you truly want to even the score and overturn all their dirty deeds, find yourself a comfortable spot right in the middle. Decide not to take a stand at all. Decide to love all races. Decide that all countries should be equal, and no country has a right to benefit at the expense of others. Decide that all religions that point the way to God must have something to offer and no one has the right to decide the right path to God for anyone else. Decide that this hell-hole that is still a ‘man’s world’ has got to go. Make sure that women have equal rights, equal pay and an equal say in how every facet of society functions.

The most important key to your freedom is this: Know that you are an individuated aspect of the Source of All. You are God/Goddess incarnate. You are a multi-dimensional being who is having an experience on a third/fourth dimensional planet called Earth, which is a free-will zone. You are a sovereign being. That means that no one has the right to dictate ANYTHING to you.

Humans on Earth were originally created with twelve strands of DNA – not two. Your DNA has been disconnected to reduce your capabilities. You were originally created to be in constant communion with the Source of All and all of Creation. Humans originally were able to telepathically commune with plants and animals and could see multi-dimensional spiritual or etheric beings.

The Family of Light is here now to help heal the Earth and all upon her. Humankind’s DNA is being re-connected at this time. It is being done through the very air that you breathe and the sunlight that touches your skin – so go out into Mother Nature and let her heal you.

Together we will create Terra Christa, the New Earth. Since we are all creator gods and goddesses, we will each have our own idea of what Heaven on Earth will be like. For me, it will be a world where all children have a home and are raised with love and patience. Everyone will have a roof over their heads and enough to eat. Illnesses will be easily treated or eliminated. The word ‘mankind’ will be eliminated.  We will be known as ‘humankind’ as a reflection of our true identity as beings of two (and more) genders or gender identities. I imagine a world where those who wish to will have all the time and money they need to travel the Earth and explore her beauty and the wonder of her different civilizations and cultures. I look forward to exploring the Inner and Hollow Earth civilizations. I look forward to space travel. I look forward to peace and prosperity for ALL – and since I am a creator goddess – that is what I shall have!

The question I have for you is;

What is your idea of Heaven on Earth?

Written by Melinda Siebold. I welcome the free sharing of my messages as long as they are not altered in any way, and this notice is included. To read more of my work, go to