Picking Up the Pieces

How do you mend a shattered and broken world?

First you finish the de-construction.

You tear down all that needs it.

With no thought of what will replace it.

You just tear everything down that needs to come down.

Then you look around and see what’s left standing.

And you realize how little you miss what is gone.

How do you build a better world?

With one truth at a time.

With the cessation of crime.

With one foot in front of another.

Is unity among nations possible?

Can you love your neighbor as yourself?

Can you turn your swords into plowshares?

Can you imagine a world without borders?

Can you forgo national pride for planetary pride?

Can we create a world where everyone prospers?

Yes, we can create a world without paupers.

Yes, we can create a world without hunger.

Yes, we can create a world without deprivation.

We are children of an unlimited Source living on a Mother who loves us and provides for our every need.

There never was a cause for need – it was an artificial condition created by those who ruled by greed.

So yes, everyone really can prosper.

Can we overcome the division of the sexes?

You would think that when people learn that the learned behavior and attitudes of men in societies that are repressive to women came from demonic beings, they would thoughtfully reconsider their positions. Unfortunately for the women subjected to them, such men rarely subject themselves to such scrutiny.

So, I have a proposal for all you Muslim women subjected to your men – there are a lot of single men in China. They are so short of women there, that they surely will appreciate you. And they still remember they have a Mother in heaven – unlike the Muslims, Christians and Jews who forgot her.

For you women in the west – and I speak to myself here too, we let them treat us like whores and pieces of trash.

We let them perpetuate every conceivable type of violence against us.

We put up with second class status for thousands of years.

We let them devalue us and our contribution to society.

Still we continued to feed them and have sex with them and take their abuse.

We continued to clean their houses and raise their children.

We were expected to continue to carry the household responsibilities after being expected to earn equal wages.

We never were paid equal wages.

We despaired as they left us in middle age for a younger model.

We learned to adjust to a drastically reduced lifestyle while bearing a disproportionate burden of raising their children.

And we’re still not paid equal wages.

And we’re still being treated like whores and pieces of trash.

So, women of the world I ask you;

How much longer will you allow yourselves to be treated like whores and pieces of trash and like some man’s property?

How do you heal a polluted and destroyed natural environment?

By removing one piece of trash from the ocean at a time.

By preventing trash from reaching the ocean one piece at a time.

By cleaning up toxic waste dumps.

By stopping the use of toxic products.

By planting trees and by preventing their cutting.

By planting fish and preventing over-fishing.

By using cleaner fuels and preventing the use of polluting ones.

By proper methods of sanitation on a global scale.

By re-cycling, re-using and re-storing.

What is the best way forward?

With the wonder of a child!

As excited as a bride!

In the shoes of an adventurer!

Let your imagination be your guide!

Written by Melinda Siebold. I welcome the free sharing of my messages as long as they are not altered in any way, and this notice is included. To read more of my work go to 144000.world