My Fighting Fallen Angel Family

My fighting fallen angel family is your family too, and when I speak of them being fallen, I use that as a term to denote that they have lowered themselves from the higher heavens or dimensions to the lower ones. It is important to point out that every one of them has an unfallen aspect in higher dimensions and lower aspects of themselves that they have emanated into lower dimensions. That is why you will never hear those in higher dimensions saying anything negative about those who are causing harm and doing ‘bad’ things in the lower dimensions. It is because they are standing next to the higher selves of the ones who are doing those ‘bad’ things. They know that when a soul goes into lower dimensions it is doing so to, first of all, give Source/God more experiences, and secondly, as a means to further their own growth in consciousness – which is the same as giving God more experiences, as everyone is an expression or emanation of Source/God/Creator. They are also fully aware that you couldn’t have a duality/polarity integration game without both light and dark roles.

Most Light workers know that Earth is a special creation. For one thing, it is the only planet where life resides on the outside. Also, it has been seeded with life of all kinds from all the other places in the universe. It is the most bio-diverse planet in our universe. It is  a planet of free-will, which is also unusual. It is a planet where the inhabitants have chosen to partake in a game of duality. Where the participants have chosen to shut themselves off from their conscious knowing of their connection with the All of Creation. We here on Earth have chosen, of our own free will, to forget that we ourselves are God – or at least an aspect of God, and one with the All.

Why did we do that?

To gain experience.

What have we learned?

That is for each god/goddess to decide for themselves, but I will discuss what I have learned in another message.

Our fallen angel family have been fighting each other for millions, or even billions of years. I won’t attempt to tackle the subject of wars that have been going on in our galaxy and nearby galaxies, but let me just touch on a few here on Earth.

Studies done on human DNA genomes will tell you that humans are a diverse species. There are haplogroups, haplotypes, genomes, sub-genomes, etcetera, but we are all related, some to a greater extent than others.

I am going to narrow down this story to the family I know best, and they are the ones who are known in the Bible. Let me start first by saying that it seems to be common among Christians to believe that the story of Adam and Eve is the story of everyone on Earth, but other cultures have their own origin stories and may not even know about Adam and Eve or the Bible.  The first part of the Bible takes place in the now submerged continent of Atlantis. That is where that particular Adam and Eve were first created. In that story, you have three sons of Adam and Eve, Cain, Abel and Seth. Cain killed Abel and the Bible’s story seems to indicate that Abel had no children, as no lines of descent are shown from him.

That leaves us with Cain and Seth. Let me start by saying that there are many, including the Gnostics, who say that Cain was not fathered by Adam, but by the one known as Satan. I will also note that the resistance operative who goes by the codename Cobra says that the Gnostics are the closest to the truth of what really happened in the history of the Earth. I had already come to that  conclusion before I read what Cobra had to say about them. There seems to be no controversy over the fathering of Seth by Adam.

In an earlier message titled ‘The Story of Us’ which can be found on my website, I pointed out that the originators of this polarity integration game that everyone on Earth is a part of – whether or not they are aware of it, made Sananda/Jesus the leader of the Adamic humans/light forces, and Satain/Satan was designated as the leader of the reptilian/dark forces. So in this case, what we are left with in the line of Adam and Eve is a son, Cain, who was fathered by Satan, and a son Seth who was fathered by Adam. It is pretty well known by Light workers that Adam was an earlier incarnation of the one known as Jesus. So you have in the lines of Cain and Seth, the lines of Satan and Jesus. Really, there is no separating the lines, as a descendant of Cain’s married into the line of Seth very early on.

These two lines are the Earthly manifestation of what has been going on in the galaxy and perhaps even universe for millions or even billions of years. The dark versus light polarity integration “game”. I put the word game in quotes because in my mind a game should be fun – and this has been anything but fun.

Now, these two lines of saints and sinners have a very important role to play out here on Earth – they were meant to bring this polarity integration game to an end.

In the meantime, since the fall of Atlantis, they have been very busy fighting and killing each other. Or, from my perspective, the family of light has been trying to keep from being killed much of that time – usually unsuccessfully. I myself have been burned alive, beheaded, and fed to the lions in the Coliseum – and that’s just what I remember of my past lives.

To understand the difference between the two bloodlines here on Earth, Cain’s and Seth’s, you have to understand the origin of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were a creation using an existing simian/ape species mixed with reptilian and other DNA. In fact, I have learned that they have DNA from all the galactic races within them. This was done for a specific purpose. The story I have learned is that the reptilians who were manipulating the DNA at that time were unable to create a reproductive system. They were  creating clones – which was an expensive and time consuming process, so they wanted them to be able to reproduce.  Since they were unable to achieve that, they called in the genetic specialists of the universe, who were the Feline race. So in the Adamic line of Adam and Eve, known as the Adam Kadmon line in the higher planes, you have more Feline DNA.

So that would make Cain’s line predominantly reptilian but with some mixed/feline/human and other galactic species through Eve. Seth’s line would be the same, but with less reptilian and more feline DNA.

Anyone familiar with the Bible will tell you that there must have been something wrong in the line of Seth, because Abraham’s wife Sarah, Isaac’s wife Rebekah, Jacob’s wife Rachel, and John the Baptist’s mother Elizabeth were all considered barren and unable to conceive except miraculously in their old age. Yet it was these women’s sons who were vital to their family’s story. In the Bible stories, these women give credit to Yahweh for opening up their wombs. Anyone who has read my previous messages know that I equate Yahweh with Ea/Enki who is one of the Anunnaki spoken of in the ancient Mesopotamian clay texts. He, along with his half-sister Ninhursag were the ones responsible for much of the DNA manipulation of our species. I believe it was Yahweh, most likely not in some ‘miraculous’ way, but through some scientific method, introduced more feline DNA into the line of Seth through these  family Matriarchs.

It could be they were barren because of the incompatibility of their serpent and primate blood. I am talking about the clash of the positive and negative bloodlines, RH positive and RH negative. RH positive means Rhesus monkey positive. It is a bloodline that has more simian/ape DNA than the other. My immediate family has both. I have a sister and niece who are RH negative, but I am RH positive. I don’t mean to throw shade on the reptilian side of my family, because there are many of them I think very highly of, but I think I like the ape side better! They are a “kinder, gentler” species, to borrow a few words from a very negative reptilian baby raping/eating former president of the United States Inc. – George Bush Sr. who was anything but kind and gentle.

In the ancient Mesopotamian texts, there is a clear clash among the family of the Anunnaki between those who are for the evolution and prosperity of the human race and those who want to keep them as a slave species. This can roughly be equated to Enlil’s side and Ea/Yahweh’s side. I say roughly because Ea’s son Marduk later sided with Enlil. Yahweh and Ninhursag were among those who want the human race to prosper.

The Wars of the Kings in the Bible are the story of inter-family fighting. It was never just Enlil’s clan opposed to Enki’s clan, however. Some of the worst of it was within the family of Isaac and Rebekah between their sons Esau, father of the Edomite’s and his brother Jacob. Those familiar with the story will recall how Esau was born with red hair and a ruddy complexion. Somehow, and don’t ask me how, this story is meant to be a completion of the universal story of the battle between the red haired Lyrans/Felines and the blond haired Lyran/Felines. The red haired Felines were said to be the troublemakers within the Feline family – both in the universe and evidently here on Earth too.

Here on Earth, the Edomites in the time of Nebuchadnezzar II helped plunder Jerulsalem and slaughter the Judaeans. In the second century B.C., John Hyrcanus a Jewish high priest, forcibly converted the Edomite’s to Judaism. After the Roman conquest of Judea, a half Jewish, half Edomite King Herod was put in charge of the territory. This dynasty was still in charge at the time of Jesus. I won’t go into the story here, but John Hyrcanus himself was not of the true line of the high priests, but was from a usurper line. So at the time of Jesus, you have a false high priest line and a false king of Judea line – all of whom were really Satanists. The false high priests continued into Talmudic Judaism and what is considered Orthodox Judaism today.

A ‘truer’ Judaism could be found at that point in Babylon where many of the Israelites had been taken after capture by Nebuchadnezzar. At the time of the Roman conquest in 70 C.E. what was left of the ‘true Jews’ scattered. Many of them went to the Iberian Peninsula, or what is today known as Spain, Portugal and Southern France and then to the British Isles. There was an independent Jewish state in the 600’s C.E. in what is now southern France called Septimania. The Jews there brought a leader from the Babylonian Jewish community to be their king because they knew he was of the ‘true Jew’ bloodline. To be a ‘true Jew’ one must be a descendant of Jacob and Rachel’s son Judah – father of the Judahites.

After battling his brother Enlil, Ea/Yahweh was given the continent of Africa as his domain. So let’s go to Africa briefly. The family was very busy mining gold in Africa, particularly it seems in Ethiopia, also known as Sheba – so you will see a strong family connection there. They were also the ruling class in Egypt. During the periods when the Egyptian empire was strong, Ea/Yahweh or his son Thoth was in control, but at one point, during the reign of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, Thoth was overthrown by his evil brother Marduk. Thoth went to Meso America where he was known as the gods Kukulkan and Quetzlcoatl. He brought high culture to the people and when he left, he promised he would return. The native populations thought so highly of him, that centuries later when white men with beards arrived, they mistook them for Thoth’s return and welcomed them with open arms. Those bearded white men were Spanish Catholics who subjugated and enslaved them to this day.

To try and identify the different clans, it’s helpful to look for their symbols, Enki’s is a serpent and Enlil’s is an eagle. Romans used an eagle on their flag and Nazi’s use eagles as one of their main symbols. The maligned serpent in the Bible who wanted Adam and Eve to have wisdom was Enki. You might notice that the Mexican flag has an eagle with a serpent in its mouth – announcing to all that Enlil had subjugated what had been Enki’s lands.

Today, we are told that the Agarthan elders, who are of the Dragon clans, are helping to bring about the revaluation of currencies and the new Golden Age of Prosperity. For those of you who don’t know, Agartha is the inner Earth civilization, the area of the Earth Ea/Enki resides in today. Ea was a mixed race being – serpent, dragon and feline. You won’t see much of Ea’s symbol left on flags as Enlil and Marduk have been in control for a long time now. They are the reason we are living in hell on Earth.

At some point Ea took his family, the tribes of Israel, west-ward across Europe to try to escape Enlil who was mainly in the near and mid-East. They were forced out of the European continent and into the British Isles, Scandinavia and the Americas. Look for a pre-dominance of male DNA haplo group R1b in Ea’s Israelite family.  In the larger Israelite family are also included Esau’s family, the Edomite’s. I believe that Esau’s bloodline is R1a. If you look at DNA haplo group maps, you will see a pre-dominance of the R1a haplo group in Eastern Europe.

This is the same area the Khazars are from. The Khazars are the other false Jews. They were made to convert en masse by their king circa 700 C.E. Actually, the kings of the surrounding countries united against the Khazarian king and told him to either choose Judaism, Christianity or the Muslim faith in an effort to civilize the people of that country as they were so barbarous. The king decided to choose Judaism, reasoning that since it was the original faith of both Christianity and the Muslim religion he would be on safe ground with the other two groups. My guess is that the people at that time chose to just act like they had chosen a religion but secretly plotted against all three. We are seeing the results of that today. The Khazars claim to be Christians (Catholics), Jews (Zionists) and Muslims (Saudi Wahhabism) but really are none of them – they are Satanists. You might notice that they manipulate all three against each other.

The very word Ashkenazi Jew denotes who they really are. Ashkenaz was a son of Japeth. Japeth was the son of Noah who was given Eastern Europe as his land. To be a Jew one must be Semitic (a descendant of Noah’s son Shem) and specifically a descendant of his later descendant, Judah.

I believe the Khazar people were a mixed race. A race that consisted of a combination of the descendants of Ashkenaz and descendants of Esau mixed with Huns and other people. They came across Europe as the Scythians. The Scythians were known to eat the flesh and drink the blood of those they killed in battle. Their descendants, the Satanists, are still doing the same thing. You might note that it is that same area of Eastern Europe where the traditions of Vlad the Impaler, aka Count Dracula and the vampires first arose. Look at all the glorification of vampire culture still alive in television and movies today. They are trying to get us to ‘buy in’ to their culture.

The term ‘Anglo-Saxon’ could be translated as ‘angel – Isaac’s sons’. The Anglo Saxons were one of the Israelite tribes Ea shepherded across the European continent into the British Isles, as were also the Pict-Sidhe and the Tuatha de Danaan. The Tuatha de Danaan were the Tribe of Dan. I won’t attempt to try to clarify all the identities of the tribes of Israelites as they went across Europe, but I will say that many of the battles of the last several hundred years in central and western Europe were one Israelite tribe against the other.

There were never any clear separations between the clans of Enki and Enlil. They were both inter-married too. Depending on who was in power where, you might have one side align with the other for powers sake. Look into European history where the Jews were being persecuted. You are seeing Enlil persecuting Ea’s people. In the year 1290 the Jews were expelled from England. This shows Enlil getting the upper hand over Ea.  During Oliver Cromwell’s Commonwealth of England during the mid-1650’s you are seeing a re-gaining of England by Ea’s side of the family, which was very short-lived. Not long after, the child raping/murdering/eating ancestors of the current queen took over. The English civil war was a battle between Ea and Enlil’s families.  Ea’s side brought the English the House of Commons and the Magna Carta. The ancient flags and family crests of England and Wales have dragons and lions on them. These are leftovers from the times when Ea was in charge.

At the end of the 15th century, the Jews were expelled from Spain. This shows the takeover of Spain by Enlil. Ea’s family then went to the Americas. They can be found in the Roanoke Expedition and in the Virginia Colony. They were the Puritans who landed in Massachusetts and the Quakers who settled in Gwynedd Pennsylvania. You can find Ea’s family in the Protestant movements that originated in England and Wales who were forced to the Netherlands and other places. They fiercely tried to protect the Christian faith against the usurper Catholics who maligned the true teachings of Jesus. Unfortunately, they were so appalled by the sin and degradation of the fallen side of the family that they went overboard in their ideas of morality.

Ea is the one who established America as a nation and as a Republic. It is Enlil and Marduk who turned it into a corporate slave state. It is Ea who is helping to free it and the rest of the world from the tyranny of his son and his brother, and I am thankful to him for that. It is Ea who is bringing about the new Golden Age we Light workers are striving to bring in.

I am a proud member of the family of ‘E’.

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