Magic and Miracles

What is magic? Is there anything to it? Is it real or just ‘parlor tricks’?

Why were the Magi who brought gifts to Jesus considered wise men? They were magicians. How did they practice magic? What wisdom did they know?

Is the word occult the same as evil? The world occult means hidden. Is all that is hidden evil?

The Secret Teachings of the Ages have been hidden for millennia to try to keep them from being corrupted. That didn’t keep them from being corrupted – at least here on the Earth plane. So, when you look at it on the Earth plane, you have to keep in mind – it has been corrupted. The secret teachings were taught in Mystery Schools and by Philosophers and many others. They have been, and continue to be, taught in all the world’s major religions – albeit in corrupted forms.

The right practice of magic is the calling down of heavenly energies to be used for positive and beneficial purposes, for the benefit of yourselves and others.

The corrupt practice of magic is the calling upon of heavenly and underworld energies to be used for negative and harmful purposes, for yourselves and against others.

They both use the same energies and even methods and words. The right practice can, if they want, summon and command the demons too – if it serves the purposes of the Light. King Solomon commanded the demons to build his temple, and Jesus commanded demons enter into pigs who ran off a cliff to their deaths.

There is a sacred and profane meaning to every rite, sacrament, initiation, word, energy, etc., involved because the brethren of the shadow counter everything the Host of Heaven do.

They took the sacrament of Hieros Gamos, which is a deeply spiritual sexual connection between a man and a woman that is the epitome of human expression and turned it into a public spectacle during an orgy, with child rape and murder and bestiality as side events.

They took the role of Messiah’s or Avatars or Savior’s and twisted it. Instead of the avatars leading the way by example, showing the Way to Illumination, the saviors did all the work for you, requiring no effort on your part, just the willingness to follow along like sheep being led to the slaughter.

They took the rite of baptism, which is a celebration of your birth to new life and turned it into a bath to wash your sins off you because of how you were born such a sinner. And it’s all Eve’s fault so all women are at fault, so let’s rape and abuse them for thousands of years. All because Eve wanted to eat an apple and have wisdom, and Adam thought it was a good idea too.

They took the fruit of the vine, a symbol for new life and abundance, and turned it into sacrificial blood shed to appease an angry and vengeful god. And in drinking it, and accepting their transubstantiation theology, you unwittingly give them permission to drink human and animal blood sacrifice. You are in effect saying it’s o.k. as far as the ‘rules of the game’ go. Celebrate Communion. Drink the juice or wine, but don’t drink it in remembrance of a blood sacrifice on Golgotha. Drink it to new life in Christ and know that you are intended to be a Christ too. To become a Christ means you will become aligned with your god-self through a transformed state of consciousness, in the same way that Jesus did it. He did it by becoming the love he wanted to see in the world. He did it by aligning his will with his Father’s will. The reason he said that you will do everything I do, and more is because it is true. He was speaking to you and me, right here and now. I believe him – do you?

I’m not so clear on the original meaning of eating of the bread body, but I know it has been twisted into a permission to eat humans, preferably children, by negative entities. When I eat it, I think of Jesus broken body and his sacrifice and his willingness to undergo what he suffered on the cross. And how that even though he knew he would undergo that before he incarnated, he did it anyway. And I know that he did it to spread a message of hope. He did it to plant seeds of love and compassion. He incarnated to re-invigorate the bloodline of the family of light through the children he had with Mary Magdalene.

That bloodline has been called witches, soothsayers, occultists, fortune tellers, tarot readers, wiccans, sorcerers, mediums, psychics, prophets, prophetesses, mystics, saints, para-psychologists, channels, herbalists, natural healers – and a whole lot more – much of it unprintable.

So, the truth be told, there are white magicians and black magicians. There are white witches and black witches. There are channels who channel positive entities, and channels who channel negative entities. And it’s the same with the psychics and mediums and prophets and prophetesses. False spirits can come through who can even fool some of the above who normally would detect it. My spirit guides say that no channel or medium is one hundred percent. Their own consciousness and other beings can interfere with getting a pure reading. They always say listen to the message, not the messenger. Does the message ring true to you? If it is of the Light, it will be a message of hope and love.

The sad truth is that negative entities have been running the show here on Earth for a very long time. They are fourth dimensional beings to humanity’s third dimensional being. They can see humans, but most humans can’t see them, but some can – they are the mystics. Now, ask yourself. Would you rather be left dealing with fourth dimensional invisible negative beings on your own, or do you see any advantages to having a medium or psychic or clairvoyant or clairaudient around to figure out what is there and what it wants and what harm does it mean to do to you?

You could always communicate with a spirit board or Ouija board or something similar. Spirits love when they’re summoned because that gives them permission into your life. So, who are you summoning? Is there a safe and a not safe way to summon? Do you know how to protect yourselves from negative entities? If you accidentally let a demon into your life, would you know how to get rid of it?

If you were to get a book of spells would you really even have any idea of what you were saying? What if it is encoded? What if you mis-pronounce something? If you produced an effect of some type through magic, would you know how to reverse it if it didn’t turn out well? Magic was handed down through secret societies to the select few for thousands of years. They went through long and harrowing initiations to be able to advance to greater truths of the secrets of Nature which are the basis for magic.

If you long to communicate with a deceased loved one, there are many mediums who can facilitate that. You will know if they are genuine or not by the information they are able to communicate from your loved one. It will either ring true for you or not. You can go to an intuitive and ask them yes or no questions. They tune into your higher self, the part of you that is telling you the same thing, but you are unable to hear. The trick is to be able to hear one’s own higher self’s voice so that they don’t need a medium. The trick is to learn to listen to one’s own intuition, because it is the god voice that speaks within. Your intuition will be the first thing that pops into your head, not the mind that wants to present it with another opinion. So, listen to your intuition.

So, can one make things happen by voicing a spell or performing a ritual? Yes – both very good things and very bad things.

But what is important for you to understand, is that you can make things happen just by voicing words.

Do you know the magical words abracadabra? Do you know that saying is from the ancient Aramean language, the language spoken by Jesus? It means “I create as I speak”. Those words are the truth and they are magical words. What people don’t know is who they really are and what they were intended to be capable of. Humans were created with twelve strand DNA that has been reduced to two left functioning. The rest of it, our genius scientists call junk DNA, but one day they will have to admit it is re-wiring itself. From what I can tell, the re-wiring process will be somewhat of a slow evolutionary process. All of creation, or at least this one, is composed of electro-magnetism vibrating at different frequencies. The lower the frequency, the higher the apparent density. A stone for example is in the first dimension. A human in the third. The human vessel, and the nervous system in particular, needs small upgrades to its electric and magnetic frequency at a time, or it could literally overload and blow a socket or something. This all is orchestrated throughout creation by photonic energy emitting through space and through the suns. So, humans are undergoing a DNA upgrade, but not all the way back to twelve strand DNA quite yet.

There are many who look at those beings who reduced our DNA as only doing it for negative and selfish purposes, but the truth is that at the time of Atlantis, we abused the powers that were inherent within ourselves and turned them to selfish uses. Doesn’t a parent take away a child’s privileges to teach them lessons?

There are a lot of things to take into consideration before humans can go back to twelve strand DNA. You would have to know what twelve strand DNA humans were like if you were trying to foresee any problems that might arise from taking a two strand DNA human to a twelve strand DNA human. I’m no expert, but I do know that twelve strand DNA humans would have a superior intellect. Humans were dumbed down through their DNA disconnection. I know that twelve strand DNA humans used telepathic communication and that communication included the animal, plant and devic kingdoms. So, imagine a world where everyone could read everyone else’s minds. Are you ready for that? Their world was much more magical than the mundane one we are used to.  Unicorns and satyrs and sylphs and dragons and elves and gnomes and fairies and other such creations live in that world and many others. So, taking a human, many of whom don’t even believe in a spirit world or afterlife, let alone that a plant or animal could fully converse with someone, and all of a sudden have that world appear – would be too much of a shock.

So, if humans are ever going to re-connect with their magical selves, the real magic starts in the fifth dimension. That is what we are offering you now and that takes us back to abracadabra, or I create as I speak, because you have been doing it all along without knowing it. That magical power was never taken from humans. So, without thinking, people have been voicing all these negative and hateful things and they have been creating hateful and negative things in return. The universe has been designed to respond to human desire, coupled with human emotion. You could say, and I can’t stress it enough, that emotion is the key to creating magic. Belief is the key to creating magic. Belief in your abilities as a creator god or goddess. Belief that all of creation will come together to see that it is accomplished.

A creator god or goddess isn’t asking for permission or asking someone else to do it for them. It is not a petition or a prayer, it is a creation. So, if abracadabra means I create as I speak, then I speak my creation into being. I accompany the words with thoughts of it and imagine the joy it will bring about in others and the joy it will bring about in me. I think about the way people’s hearts will be touched and the way they will touch my heart. That is one way you put emotion into your creation, and remember, emotion is the magical key. Humans were meant to create through heart-felt emotion and pure thoughts for the most magnificent creations.  You are already creating all the time through your thoughts, your words and your emotions. Now that you are aware of it, you can become conscious co-creators, not unconscious co-creators of Heaven on Earth.

Because when you co-create unconsciously, it is too easy to create Hell on Earth instead – and aren’t we all more than a little sick of that already?

Written by Melinda Siebold. I welcome the free sharing of my messages as long as they are not altered in any way, and this notice is included. To read more of my work go to