All The World’s a Stage

And I really do believe it helps to keep that in mind.

What I mean by saying that all the world is a stage is this;

This Creation is the result of many creator gods working together. The Elohim, which is a word that literally means both gods and goddesses – if it was singular it would be El – are mentioned in the Bible’s book of Genesis.  It has been translated to “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth”, but the correct translation would be, “In the beginning the gods created the Heavens and the Earth”.

As I have explained in previous writings, the Source of our being emanates, and Source’s emanations create. That is how our Source has set up creation. I think of Source as pure organic consciousness – one with Love as its very being. I think of Source as unblemished perfection. I think of Source as a radiant Sun of pure white light that emits photonic light composed of electricity and magnetism. The magic of creation is the inter-action between this electricity and magnetism. The electric is the male force, the female the magnetic. We call them Mother and Father God. Together with Source they are the original Trinity. The Mother, Father and Child create the second Trinity.

In the beginning there was divine perfection, but our Source wanted to experience more than perfection. Source found that perfection was a static state and Source wanted to expand. So, Source decided to explore what it would be like to be what it was not. Since all of creation originates in the Mind of Source, or what we like to refer to as God, I recognize that nothing happens in creation that isn’t preordained by God, even seeming imperfection.

So, Source decided to explore imperfection and strife and duality in its quest to expand and know itself better. In the original creation, the division of the One into many, there was first Source then Mother then Father and then their androgynous Child, who we know as the Logos. The next creation was fourteen Aeons who were male and female syzygies – what we would think of as twin flames. One of these pairs was Christ and Pistis Sophia. The story goes that Pistis Sophia decided to create but she did so without the consent of Source and without working with her twin flame. Her creation turned out to be deficient. It was a child she named Yaldabaoth, which translates as ‘child of chaos’. He has the head of a lion and the body of a serpent. Since Pistis Sophia is a being who can create through thought, her horrified reaction at her creation only compounded the problem.

Pistis Sophia tried to hide the imperfection she created and so she created a veil between the upper realms and the lower. We live in the lower creation, known as the underworld, and Yaldabaoth is ultimately the root cause of our problems here on Earth and elsewhere in this universe.

Christ and Pistis Sophia set about bringing order to this creation and set Yaldabaoth up to oversee it. That doesn’t mean they just abandoned us. In fact, Pistis Sophia cared so much about this creation and specifically the people of Earth, that she left her heavenly home and incarnated into the body of the Earth as its soul. If she were to leave the Earth, all life on it would die, as the life-force sustaining it would be gone. She is literally our Mother Earth. She has been known as Gaia, but her new name is Terra Christa.

Now, Yaldabaoth created lots of nasty creations that bedevil us to this day. He created Chimera and Archons and demons and devils and shadows and parasites.

You might just call these the bad actors in the drama.

Because, just like in any good drama, there are bad guys and good guys.

How can you have a happy ending if no bad shit happens in the middle?!

So, I guess if you want to have a lot of drama and shake up creation, you create a world with the extremes of polarity such as exist in the world we live in.

Of course, living in such a world can run the gamut between heaven and hell.

But I do want you to know that you had a choice whether or not to come to the Earth to experience either this heaven or hell, or combination of both – as is probably the case.

You stood in line and were told, o.k. we have a role you can take but you may not like it very much. You are going to be born into a family living in extreme poverty. You will get extremely sick and almost die as a child. Your parents will both die in a car accident when you are ten. You will live a life of struggle and heartache. Do you still want to go in? You would look at all those in line behind you, and you would most likely say yes.

Why would you do this? You would do it because you knew that it would further the expansion of your soul growth and you would do it to expand creation. I know that both these concepts are difficult for you to visualize at this point, under the third-dimension illusion, so just trust me that you would have understood that on a higher level, before you dropped your density into this lower creation.

That’s why you are not a victim. You never have been, and you never will be – all appearances otherwise.

You have always had a choice, as this is a free-will universe we all live in. There are Universal Laws that all were meant to abide by. If all had abided by those universal laws, this creation would have been much better, but there are some who skirt the laws as best they can, and some who outright defy them.

Now, those bad actors have done their best to make sure you thought you still had your free will but found innumerable ways to usurp your free will without your knowing it.

They are masters of deception and lies and half-truths and manipulation. They have been practicing it for billions of years. Humans come into Earth life with their minds literally wiped. It’s like putting an innocent baby in a room with lions and wolves. We all know something is terribly wrong, but it is beyond us what could possibly be done about it. The truth is that there was nothing humans could do. The problem was too large. It has literally taken divine intervention and the assistance of countless beings from the celestial realms to get us out of it.

The time for the ending of this awful creation is now. I personally have been awaiting this for a very long time. I don’t have any concept of how long an eon is, but I know that I have been waiting eons for this to be over. I am one of those who originally stepped forward and said I would agree to undergo seeming separation from the ALL.

I ask myself often what have I learned? How did I – as Source, grow? Was it worth it? Would I do it again?

I am waiting until I once again can see from a higher dimensional viewpoint before I can answer those questions, because how can one know all the answers when one is still experiencing separation?

I don’t have all the answers, that’s for sure. But I do have the answers to a lot of questions many of you may have – as I have already asked them and found the answers. Jesus did tell us to seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you – didn’t he? So, seek and knock. The answer can come in a myriad of ways. I have found it is best not to limit God/Creation in how they can answer and how they can open doors.

Long ago I read an article by a woman who wrote that every day she looked for something like a dozen miracles. This really got my attention, because if you are like me, you probably think that miracles are rare occurrences that usually happen to other people. So, I started to pay attention. I looked for small miracles, you know, more like happy coincidences or what people refer to as synchronicity. Like when you are wondering how you are going to pay a bill and then a refund check from an escrow company you thought you had settled with a year previously arrives. Or a car pulls out of a full parking lot right when you need it. Or you are at the end of your rope and someone says something nice and unexpected to you that lifts you out of the doldrums.

Most of all, I want you to remember that you are all creator gods and goddesses. Things may be somewhat pre-scripted in this creation, but the element of free will is how you use your creative powers. You always have the choice to choose. You can choose to go with the flow, or you can choose to change.  You are your own director and you really can change the direction of your life and everyone else’s here on the grand drama we call life on Earth.

Written by Melinda Siebold. I welcome the free sharing of my messages as long as they are not altered in any way, and this notice is included. To read more of my work go to