A Message To The Controllers

From Melinda Siebold – Prophetess of Israel,

This is what your Creator has to say to you;

You are a pyramid without the capstone – or the cornerstone.

You are a 6, with no 3, and no 9.

I AM the 3, the 6, and the 9.

I AM the Foundation of the Pyramid.

I AM the Body of the Pyramid.

I Contain the Queen’s and the King’s Chambers.

I AM the Capstone.

I AM the All Seeing Eye.

Pyramids cannot be built from the top down.

Yet you try – even though you don’t have a crown to begin with.

No – you must start with the 3.

You must contain the 6.

You must finish with the 9.

You are baseless, crownless, empty Shells.

You have nothing to support you.

You will never reach your height, because you reject the Foundation Stone, and you are disconnected from the Capstone.

You are empty, hollow, desiccated Shells.

You are devoid of Life.

No longer will you be allowed to be parasites, feeding off the Life’s blood and Life Force of others.

So be it. It is so.