A Message For Christians

To My Fellow Christians;

You have learned, or will learn, that Jesus’, or rather Yeshua’s message was distorted and corrupted over time – both intentionally and through error. It took me about five years to accept the truth, so I understand if it takes you time too.

This really shouldn’t be a surprise to you, as Yeshua told you it would happen in the parable of the wheat that was sown and the tares that grew among it. The wheat represents Yeshua’s words of truth, and the tares are the lies and corruption.  Those tending the wheat could not pluck out the tares until the wheat was fully mature and ready for harvest.

You, Christian churches of the Earth, are the Keepers of the Seed. You have faithfully tended the field until it was ready for harvest. A two-thousand-year period was given to evangelize the entire Earth. You accomplished that which you set out to do. The Host of Heaven rejoices at your success.

Did you do it without becoming a little battered and bruised? No, but do you see how you have been oppressed? Do you know how long a period that people were imprisoned, tortured and murdered by the Catholics if they were found in possession of a Bible? Have you read any of the stories of the Christian martyrs who have died continually for two thousand years? It wasn’t just the pagan emperors of Rome who were killing Christians, the so-called Christians were doing it too. Actually – they were the same, they just lost their guise as the Roman Empire and became the Holy Roman Empire and vested power in the Pope instead of the Emperor. Rather than continuing to do battle to keep their empire together, the Romans decided to use a combination of brainwashing through their dogma and oppressive control over the populace. So, if you feel bad that many aspects of the religion you hold so dear are wrong or are the opposite of what you have been told, you needn’t bother. It’s not the end of the world – because the truth is so much better than the falsehoods.

Yeshua did not come to tell people they were born sinners or that they needed to be saved. He never said they had to believe anything. He broke the whole law down into one sentence; “Do unto others what you would have them do to you.” His only law was to love one another. So, anyone who says that you must profess anything or be forgiven for anything is not spreading the gospel of Yeshua. Yeshua came to demonstrate humanity’s greatness. He was no more God than each of us are. We are all, each one of us, sons and daughters of God. More than that, we are, each of us, incarnated aspects of God. We all have a spark or flame of God within. Yeshua was a forerunner. He came to demonstrate what the Adamic human is capable of. And just so you know, Adamic humans are considered the pinnacle of material Creation. Even above the angels and archangels and certainly above the demons. Didn’t Yeshua say you will do everything I do and more? It is written within the very DNA of our bodies.

It was the self-proclaimed, so-called Christians who spread a false religion of fear, death and blood. They are the ones who have dared to call war holy – when it is the opposite. When did Yeshua ever say to declare war? He said to turn the other cheek.

Do you know that Jesus was not a part of the mainstream religion of Judaism, which had been overtaken by demonic forces – but was an Essene? The Essene’s were one of three main sects of Judaism at that time. They believed that the Kingdom of Heaven was to be built on Earth, starting within each person. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place – it is a state of transformed consciousness. A consciousness that is at peace and in love. A consciousness that embraces all of Creation, both seen and unseen, and longs for the unseen, the unheard, and the unknown. It is a consciousness state that is searching both inside and outside itself. It reaches for higher realms – even to the very throne of God. It longs for direct communication with Spirit – it wants to know the ALL. It searches for Wisdom upon pages and nature and in experience and Silence. It is a consciousness that is attuned within. It is a joining together of ego and soul. It is you sitting on the throne of your divinity. It is your natural estate.

The voice of God is within us.  We think it is just our own voice, and in many respects, it is, as we are one with God. It’s that voice that argues with our ego voice. The “should I or shouldn’t I’? The voice that make us wrestle with, “is this right or wrong?” That is your God voice arguing with your ego voice. Since most don’t know that God speaks within us, God speaks without us too – to try and get our attention. God can speak through another person, a book, a magazine, a television show, movie or countless other ‘mundane’ ways. God can speak through a broken heart or a child’s smile. God speaks through our intuition. And, as the mystics throughout the ages can attest to, God can even speak to us in a clear, audible voice, as can angels and other celestial beings. We can make a choice to tune into the frequency where we can hear them, or we can continue to just have one-way conversations conveying our hopes, petitions and complaints[M1] .

The choice is ours to make alone, but the goal of Adamic human evolution is to be a fully God-conscious person experiencing physicality in its fullest. A blending of Heaven and Earth, body, soul and Spirit. To be in such a state is to leave behind life’s cares and worries and fears, even if they still present themselves to your attention. To be in the Kingdom of Heaven is to know the Laws of Creation so that one can live within them. The Law of Attraction,[M2]  as in “Like begets Like” is the same as Yeshua’s “You shall reap what you sow.” Therefore, if you sow love, compassion, generosity, kindness and honesty, you should expect those and their rewards in return. If you sow the opposite, you should expect those too. Now, in the past, these results would not necessarily have come in the same lifetime, and since your memories/consciousness were wiped between lifetimes by nefarious beings, you were prevented from learning lessons and reaping rewards that you were aware of. They seemed to come willy-nilly to you in later lifetimes and you couldn’t figure out what you had done to deserve such a horrible life or wondered why fortune smiled so warmly on you and less so on others.

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven requires effort and self-examination. It requires changes to ways of being and ways of thinking. The Kingdom of Heaven cannot be entered until you can unconditionally love yourselves and all others. Only the meek and the mild, the kind hearted and compassionate can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only the doers of justice and truth tellers are given keys to the Kingdom. The doors are locked to deceit and anger and injustice and vanity and pride and ruthlessness and gossip and greed and every other profane thing. 

Inside the Kingdom resides peace and love, joy and contentment, ecstasy and bliss. It is a land of gods and goddesses, true human angels creating through heart and emotion and mind. There is no limit imposed if the creation is for the highest good of all and no one is harmed. Best of all, we get to experience a deep sensuality, a physicality, a cause and effect instead of instantaneous thought projection. We gained a greater breadth of experience as human angels who had never gone so low before – and as for me – I don’t ever want to go that low again.

I’d much rather dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven!

Written by Melinda Siebold. I welcome the free sharing of my messages as long as they are not altered in any way, and this notice is included. To read more of my work go to 144000.world